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  • I'm getting pokemon white. From your avatar, I take that you're getting black? Ha yeah the last 8 were creepy. I didn't like the sarcophagus pokemon, but we could only see the back so I'll judge when the official art comes out. I knew you're going to pick Pokabu! You really like fire pokemon huh? haha I'm picking Tsutarja :p
    Ehh. My first reaction was indifferent. I'm starting to like Mijumaru a lot now, that I've seen it soo many times. I'm just disappointed about how GF's designs are bordering digimon's based on their complex designs. But I'm not complaining. I can't wait till new information to surface. This is like the time we were waiting for DP to come out. What starter are you going to pick?
    Yo! long time no talk! My old name was.. ehh. I didn't like it so I had to change my account. It would've been really useful if they still offered name changes here, but they don't anymore and I had to change it because I was getting tired of my previous name. :( How's life?
    Since you've asked and I've been a douche and haven't replied for six months - I want this new region to be big. I want this game to introduce as much new features and Pokemon as possible. Aside from the aesthetic changes, I want some gameplay changes with the battles, like the Psychical / Special split from 4th Gen.

    But most of all, random Wi-Fi matches and an improved GTS. Those are necessities.
    i've had my share of computer problems too, you could say thats where i was between mid february to early april, in the end i had to get a new one (too bad my parents still haven't learned macs > pcs on the no virus end...)
    the water one is terrible, worst water starter so far, the fire one is OK, and the grass one is the best grass starter so far, what did you think of them?
    I've been good. I know, I really want those scans to pop up too. I haven't lost any sleep over it or anything though. There's a rumor going around about what may be in the scans though, if you haven't seen that yet.
    meh people were saying there was a new movie trailer before the game announcements in the thread, guess it wasn't really new
    i have high expectations for youtube tomorrow night, don't disappoint your subscribers (and potential subscribers)

    and heres some free sig material

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