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Recent content by chimchar19

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    Teachers that suck.

    My art teacher. Frankly all art teachers. I hate when they critique your work and you think it a friggin masterpiece. Hello!!! I have seen worse art and they always think theirs is the best and yours needs to be like theirs and theirs looks like s@#$!!!
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    Most hated pokemon?

    I don't like magikarp. They get annoying if they don't have tackle or something. *splash* *splash*.
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    When he appeared right before the Sinnoh adventure I though for sure he would come back with more powerful pokemon and be in a little more episodes. WRONG
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    What if Unown got an evolution?!?

    They probably would evolve into a number. lol
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    Do Ghost type Pokémon have bones?

    Why not some do some dont. It depends on what you want.
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    I have one also. I like it for comunitcating with friends from another state which I have alot of those. I also just signed up for facebook for that same exact reason. I do think myspace is getting a little overated.
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    Members vs. Staff Members

    8 and hopefully it doesnt break
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    Should schools able to preform locker/strip searches?

    All I know is that should not happen. Thats a break in privacy. The only time this should happen if somebody has a really good suspicion.
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    Do you think they'll have another Pikachu Vs. Raichu at Volkner?

    I think there are going to many more of these battles to come.
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    If your pet were a pokemon/what pokemon does your pet remind you of?

    I have a dog and she reminds me of a really smart Absol or Mightyena.
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    The SUMMER 2009 Thread of Death: What in God's name is happening?!?

    I cant believe they died on the same day!
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    Doesn't suck when you realize the Pokemon you love stink?

    I dont care what kind of "class" they are in. I just get the pokemon and train it to its full potential.
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    How were you introduced to Pokemon?

    I had bought red and some of my other friends were into it, so I bought it and loved it. Never stopped playing it. I always got the "Turn that thing off" from my parents.
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    Why did you join serebii forums?

    I made my serebii account 2 years ago. Before that I was just lurking around looking at the pokedex's and stuff. Then I made the account. I didnt really post many times, but lately I have decided to start. Serebii Forums are the best forums that I know of and glad to be part of.
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    Team Plans in General

    Who really knows what I'll have.they will probally add pokemon from the 4th gen and others so all I know is that I am starting with typhlosion.