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    Hey #Chimecho#

    Just thought i'l pop you a message to tell you i finally posted chapter 8 of cherish the moments.
    ;n; You have no idea what it means to me to hear that. <3 Thank you. And yes, she is supposed to be the literal sort of angel. xD I don't know much about Angels in truth though, so you'll have to tell me your idea. 8D HAVE to. XDD

    I intend to clear up exactly what is hapening somewhere in the second chapter. When she wakes up unexpectedly, I intend them to have a talk. XD If I ever get there. *__*

    I want to post a sort of interlude before the next chapter, which will involve my ideas of Pokemon in this fic; honestly, the way I do things is very weird and long winded, I hope you can bear with me. Dx I am trying to improve on it, but it is turning out to be tougher then I originally thought. xD;
    I wouldn't mind, but horror's not usually my genre of interest. So I might not be a great judge of that.
    At least you're writing something. I generally write for an hour a day at least; then again, I have a high typing speed. Then other days, I'm at it for hours.

    Hey, I saw you in the fic reviewers thread so I thought maybe you could review it, if you are free.
    Ah, well that's alright then. XD" I saw it missing and was all "Do'h! >__<" because it does have potential. :3
    Y'know, I've been looking at your sig and going '... wut' for a fair while now. Busy and all, I had little time to really question why.

    But now I thought I'd spin you a line and ask, where has the banner for Venture from Evil gone? Did you abandon it? x.x
    Uh, next time, i'd prefer it if you post in the thread to keep it alive, I'm gonna have exams in a week so there's gonna be little to no writing time.
    Uh, are you still reading my fic? The next chapter's up, but if you don't want to continue reading it, please send me a message. I'll be waiting for some sort of a reply :)
    Indeed, I am alive; but all is not yet well in the land of Nod, for there are complicated rabbit warrens to familiarise onself with, and course codes, deep philosophical concepts and strange university languages to interprete. o.o Do bear with me.
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