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  • Absolutely, I can't ever let this place go for long, otherwise it'll just carry on without me! =P ....although this may be my only visit for the week, since I have professional accounting exams on Tuesday, and then I'm off to Paris on Thursday. A big low followed by a major uplift =)

    How's the career going Saqib? I hope all's going well for you! Your bro's wedding looked awesome in the photos =)
    Thank ye :] I'm not quite done with university, I still have my exams this summer.... I am very very nervous! All I can do is study, every day...umm, after my birthday. This'll be my last week of not studying! :p

    I hope you get just the sort of internship you want, I'm sure whoever hires you will find themselves very fortunate in their choice =) This job came to be after 30+ applications, it really is all about being persistent and not giving up. I lost out on the scheme in Japan, a scheme in LA, and a government diplomacy scheme....but you work through the little bumps and eventually find the right open door :D
    Hi, and thank you! It's a three-year training contract in accountancy, after which the world is my oyster really, because I'll be able to manage both words (uni) and numbers (accountancy) :D ....and I get paid, which is a nice bonus :p

    How are you doing Saqib? Do you know how your next few years are going to pan out? I hope all is going well! :)
    Hey hey! :) Life is atrocious at the moment. Because exams covering 2 years of university work are quite horrible =P They won't be over until Monday....gone fairly well so far though, thank goodness.

    After exams I'm getting pokemon black! And eating lots of cake and ice cream, while enjoying barbeques and eating at restaurants and going on trips down the river and to the local meadows to pick wild strawberries =) Because I have been stuck inside revising for weeks....oh well!

    Hope you're enjoying spending your time with family and literature and games and all sorts =)

    Probably no one will ever read this, but if somebody does read it - I am quitting Pokemon and Serebiiforums!

    Heya, sorry I didn't reply for a while, I admit I did read your message but I was avoiding logging in for fear of the backlog of conversations that I totally fail with xD;

    I'm okay, although incredibly stressed. Important exams are coming up, and despite working pretty much all day every day I've not made much progress I think, plus it really got me down. So I've taken today off and I'm having a party tonight =]

    Hope you and your family are well! Take care now =]
    4 20 is the police code for weed, so today is a holiday among weed smokers.

    Sure thing Saqib! I'll be around this evening probably, how is that for you? I know you have mosque and had work before on Fridays, so otherwise I'll be around Saturday some time too. =)
    Ah, I won't do :) The reason I posted about it here was just for some advice for a bother, rather than making any sort of drama irl :] The last few nights have been fine anyway!

    Good luck on finding a new job - when will your degree be finished so can use that to springboard into a fantastic career? :D
    Hiya Saqib, my parents are mostly better now! I've been really really busy at uni, had four students in my room over the weekend, and helped run the national assassins guild championships. And I've been catching up with friends at my college too =)
    How are you? Everything going alright? (=
    I'm okay, except financially I'm struggling a lot. My parents are both sick too, dad is in hospital and mum is bedridden. They should recover though :) And I hope they'll take pity on my debts xD; Things like this charity event where I nearly travelled out of the country and then had to pay for accommodation travel have really taken their toll. I'll sort it somehow :) Apart from that things are good!
    Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day ^_^ And that life is going well for you! :)

    Oh sorry about that. I added you because I think you look cool :p and well I believe there was another reason but I can't remember haha
    Hello again! Been busy huh? At least you've had plenty to do =) It's been busy too here, with the family around over the Christmas period, and catching up with friends from home and university (the latter of which is more tricky as it means I've been traversing the whole country by train). Hope you're fine and that you've been enjoying the winter break despite the long working hours! Happy New Year! And keep taking care =)
    Thanks, I'm recovering slowly, but recovering nonetheless. Largely deaf in both ears and feel tired most of the time, but that's all now :) Completely behind on Christmas preparations/work/catching up with friends at home though. Ah well. Hope things are well by you :)
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