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Mar 6, 2015
Oct 18, 2008
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chimkong was last seen:
Mar 6, 2015
    1. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Saqib, i was wondering if you could trade some pokemon to one of my friends.

      name mrglowy

      He's looking for the following, Pikachu, Shellder, Roselia and Misdreavus.

      Do you have any of the stones by any chance or would you know where to find the Shiny and Dusk stones?

    2. pirate555
      Ah, then I can add that subject to my other list of failed classes: food technology, winter sports and resistant materials (I'm not too savvy with a hand-saw =P ). Spring break lasts until Tuesday, thankfully! And I have 1725 words exactly for the essay already, so I'm going to go wayyy over the word limit...heehee xD

      *Talking as younger sister to elder sister* Yay! Let's go to the fair, and then the markets, and then see the boats, and buy ice creams...and , hey Hel, I didn't ever use your make up! *Tries to conceal eye shadow smeared across hand* ...Ehehehe...=D

      Wonderful to hear you're well, so am I! -But I have to get going, I have a hair appointment to meet, for the second time in one day =P And straight after I've got Japanese, and I've not done the work yet. Better do it now, instead of worrying, huh? =D
      I wish for...ummm...unconditional happiness! -Ah wait, I've already got that =D Then an ice cream will do ^_^

    3. pirate555
      Yes, diabolical schemes are wonderful! =P The internet would be a barrier with the whole soda scheme...see, this is why you make the plans and not I! Glad you're happy about it =D

      Hettie-Pettie, huh? You sound just like Helen, my sibling ...I've always wanted another big sister ;)

      Hope you had another fun-filled evening, KingPirate =P

    4. WolvesareFunny
      umm! Dx *farts* sowwy!
    5. pirate555
      A soda? That can be our strategy - free soda, but shaken so that it fizzes really heavily when the enemy takes it and opens it!....Hmmm, maybe you should mastermind the plans ;)

      Hehe, I'll run the possibilities past Kathy first, can't wait to see her face! XD ...she is coming tomorrow, we're making Japanese pancakes, it'll be just wonderful!

      Anyway, hope you enjoyed college, and I'll speak to you another time, 'cause I'm going to bed =)

      Blob. Ha, didn't see that coming now, did you! Heehee xD
    6. pirate555
      Yay, you'll take my side in this age-old conflict? *Wide smile* Then no giving up it shall be! I just need my rum - it's a special non-alcoholic version for under-age pirates such as myself ;)

      I may have to come on to msn eventually, got a fun day to plan for tomorrow, if my best friend quits cheating on me (Double XD)...cheat? Erm, that's not really my scene... =P *Thinks*

      I know I didn't, you threw me with your signing change, so I figured I'd wait and see what happened next...
      Plain 'n' simple Hettie =P
    7. pirate555
      Msn is out of bounds because if I ever go on it with the intention of going on there for half an hour or so, I rarely actually manage to pull myself away from it =P So I've laid down my own rules for today...dang blast you all for being good to talk to! Hehe

      If they and Fango Pango join up, I'm going to find it hard to uphold the pirate superiority argument with such worthy foes xD

      Good to hear you're well! And if either of those two people hear that, I'm in for it! ....Still, nothing wrong with a bit of drama, am I right? =P
    8. pirate555
      G'd Arfternewn!

      True, true...msn is out of bounds until I get some proper work done =P Unfortunately it means I've resorted back to these old forums here! Still, it's nice to catch up again =D

      I'm well - a friend of my mother's saw me in the paper, and so has donated expensive amounts of history books to me =D A lot of reading over the summer awaits, methinks.

      Ah yes, I'm taking him down a peg or two! (Get it, peg-legs, pirates? =P )...well actually, this ninja appears very pleasant =)

      How are you this fine *looks out the window to see shadowy trees in grey smothering clouds* February day?

    9. ShadowNinja
      Hiya, you're welcome =) How are you doing today?
    10. WolvesareFunny
      zero nexus = dumb umm chimkong battle?
    11. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      I hope so, since i'm now old enough to have sex :)

      <3 = penis
    12. Zero Nexus
      Zero Nexus
      Thanks man.
    13. WolvesareFunny
      Dx i keep missing you oh well i finished national anyways!
    14. BattyCat
      Happy Birthday for yesterday! :D
    15. Wiimote
      Thanks for the friend request. ^^

      So, how did your birthday go?
    16. WolvesareFunny
      Was off in another town!
    17. Atoyont
      Happy Birthday!
    18. Wiimote
      Happy birthday.
    19. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      You're very welcome.
    20. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      No unfortunately, i found it.

      I'm glad you like it.
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