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Mar 6, 2015
Oct 18, 2008
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chimkong was last seen:
Mar 6, 2015
    1. pirate555
      I like it when people get a powerful point across in a careful and polite way, it's a rare gift - this scholar must have been very interesting to listen to!
      And now I've learned something new concerning 'Hazrat' =) ...when I first read the quote, I thought of it as a way of saying "don't judge the person by their past or background, only on the words they speak"...but that's true, you could put a vast number of useful meanings to such a quote ^^

      You're right, Msn is not blonde!!! - I've missed using italics =P - (the only thing blonde about msn is the girl trying hard to use it but often messing up completely xD)

      Anyway, have a good night's sleep and pleasant dreams, and here's hoping you wake up cheerful and spirited and 'full of beans', as we say here =D
      Take great care!
    2. S.Bustathedog
      Tell Andy I would like to talk to him please he is ignoring me on serebii aswell now.

      anyway how are you?
    3. treespyro
      Hey, It is like totally sheek
      How are you
    4. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      Not a problem, don't worry about it.
    5. Blue Snover
      Blue Snover
      He's been looking for a picture of a furry like SkittyonWailord.

      I think he likes them.
    6. WolvesareFunny
      if you mean being a furry then i guess ask blue snover if you dont know what it is.
    7. WolvesareFunny
      hullo my freind.
    8. BattyCat
      Well, she doesn't want me to tell you about her secret obssession with Pirates and rat's tails. Its really bizzare... we can't stop her measuring rat's tails in the street, slightly embarrasing but its quirky. :P

      Hope the exams went well, woot woot!

    9. DanChimchar
      I Have all these Pokemon Games

      -Pokemon Yellow (GB)
      -Pokemon Crystal (GBC)
      -Pokemon FireRed (GBASP)
      -Pokemon Emerald (GBASP)
      -Pokemon Diamond (DS)
      -Pokemon Platinum (DS)
      -Pokemon Snap (N64)
      -Pokemon Stadium (N64)
      -Pokemon XD (GC)
      -Pokemon Battle Revolusion
      -Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia (DS)
      -Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explores of Time (DS)

      I have any Pokemon games lol but Imagen all my other games I have many Many Games

      I have the systems

      Game Boy
      Game Boy Color
      Game Boy Advance SP

      And I hope for next Tues (May 12th) I get a DSi for my Birthday :)

      Then again my parents bought me the Platinum Gudie Book, Platinum, The Movie 11 Dvd, already for my b-day so I don't think they will get the Dsi for me :P

      Oh Btw Gudie Books I have

      Diamond and Pearl Prima Gudie Book
      The Pokemon Diamond and Pearl FULL Pokedex Prima Gudie Book
      Pokemon Platinum Prima Gudie Book
      Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia Prima Gudie Book
    10. DanChimchar
      Or Mystery Dungeon Time/Darkness/Sky

      Rangers 2????


    11. DanChimchar
      A gift, Man you are the best :)

      So do u have a Wii? If so do you have Brawl?
    12. DanChimchar
      thanks so Much I tried to Talk to u but no one replyed I even said ChimKong u there and all i heard was like small little coughs and stuff :P

      Anyways thanks how can I repay u your such a awesome friend :)
    13. DanChimchar
      Oh yeah let it hold a Lustirous Orb kk or w.e Palkia's orb is
    14. DanChimchar
      Pokemon Diamond Friend Code--
      Friend Code Name: Dan
      Friend Code: 2578 0404 5288 kk get the Master Ball Palkia for me kk
    15. DanChimchar
      Okay let me get my friend code kk one sec
    16. DanChimchar
      Hmm just wonder is Lonely Master Ball Palkia what attacks stats and stuff????

      Dam if only we could fus it the Net Ball Palkia just in a Master Ball but if Lonely Palkia has the attacks and stats then ya
    17. Rogue Striker G
      Rogue Striker G
      hey can you trade yet?
    18. BattyCat
      because hettie smells in real life!! lol no only kidding by the way you might expect a long absence from her because she is experiencing a power cut, last one to get said power back so is wondering aimlessly around house looking for something to do or deodorant... she said something random about tulips... at this point in time she is on speaker phone sitting next to me- not literally but her voice is there... so for the time being we can talk about all the stuff hettie doesn't want to find about!!!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

      I'm good thank you- heading into exam period moi self GOOD LUCK TO YOU! live long and prosper!

      Hettie is a little strange but then compared to MOI seems... strange still... i'm darn well normal compared to THAT Freak... no not really- she's a saint in shining hair and werido cloths, can't be seen out with her unless medication has not been taken- other identity- JANET :P

      Thanks Hettie's twin... *brap**farout* yo...
    19. treespyro
      Well do it :)
      Nothing much but Uni and work
    20. DanChimchar
      Oh caught in a net ball.... Not a master ball.........

      Can u check one more time just like before but it caught in a Master ball if not then I'll take that one THANKS SO MUCH!!! BTW what was the owners name ex Ash Dan Dawn BKT
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