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Recent content by Chimungus

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    General Character Discussion

    That's what I was thinking too. Steven has always been my favorite character, and i was confused thinking they were changing his character and making him darker or whatever, but it seems to not be like that.
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    General Character Discussion

    That's the impression I got too? If he was aware of Infinity Energy, do you think he approved of it? I do know he did think it was the last resort for stopping the meteor.
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    General Character Discussion

    Yea Steven was my favorite character already, but this game made him all the more interesting! I have a question though, if Infinity Energy is really what I think it is (using the life force of Pokemon) do you think Steven really knew what it was? And do you think he approved of it? Because I...
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    Delta Episode Discussion

    I'm really confused about this whole "infinity energy" thing. I don't know how it is accomplished and know that even if Devon had good intentions, the end really doesn't justify the means, but it seems like Mr. Stone changes his mind about what he thought to be right, and says that he was wrong...
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    Pokémon X & Y Music Appreciation Thread

    I LOVE the new Elite 4 theme ( and the new elite 4 in general ) I think it's the best sounding one yet!
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    Rate Pokémon Gens. I-V, from top to bottom! Which one is your personal favorite?

    1. Gen III A+ 2. Gen IV A 3. Gen V A- 4. Gen II C 5. Gen I D The Hoenn games were the first Pokemon games I ever had (my first was Ruby. I'm so sad I don't have either Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald anymore!), and though I'm extremely nostalgic, I do think it introduced the best Pokemon designs...
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    What is your favourite pokémon game music?

    I love the battle music for Virizion, Cobalion, and Terrakion. It's such an interesting blend of sounds and like nothing else in the game!
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    Favorite Battle Themes (Music)

    I' have to say the Hoenn Champion theme from BW2, Cynthia's battle theme from Bw2, and the Unova Gym Battle theme are my favorites.
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    What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?

    Who's your favorite Pokemon? Aggron. Don't ask me why, I just think they're cool and have this essence of strength about them. Plus, they're like giant metal dinos. Not too articulate am I? Who's your LEAST favorite Pokemon? There are none I particularly don't like, but I'm not interested in...
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    Pokemon anime's lack of darkness

    I wouldn't necessarily want it to be "darker", just maybe a little more serious and focusing more on character development than just battles and helping random strangers. Don't get me wrong I enjoy the anime!
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    Which Hoenn legendaries do you like most?

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    Favourite Frontier Brain

    Jindai. He's smexy and irresistible.
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    Lumineon Or Seaking?

    Lumineon/neorantu because its my cute bishie! <3
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    What do you think of Drew?

    He's sorta cute i guess. :/ But I mostly like him becaue of Contestshipping.
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    Shipping Face-Off