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  • Thats cool :3 green is pretty.

    I live in the usa.

    I feel worried i may get further triggered so we may wanna stop talking.....my brain feels really ill right now :< i'm even listening to a rather sad song at the moment....

    I'll still read and comment on your ficts though. I guess i'm a little worried you might end up triggering me. I suppose i have some reason for that. Maybe its a....feeling. Its nothing against you as a person. You seem sweet. I'm just very sensitive and i suffer a lot over this dead friend of mine everyday still. Its hard to get over him. I think we should stop talking now....maybe next time i talk to you it'll be for a pokemon battle. It seems less personal and more light hearted and fun :) I guess its a little like how my other aspie friend was with me...he felt too triggered by me to talk to me right after awhile....due to how autism worked for him T.T We're all dif...and sometimes, i guess people don't seem to get on as well as we may like.....so yeah don't even comment. See ya :) If we talk again, its for a battle. I'll look forward to facing your bellossoms :)
    Oh thats awesome :3 and south park is funny^^ I saw a fun episode about pirates on the show this year. couldn't stop laughing at the sad yet funny situation the kids got themselves in LOL

    This image is really hot :3 i added the bellossom to honer my new friend x3 and also it looked like it would work there.

    I duno what else to talk about. I feel a little triggered right now i think o.o;

    Did you like bubbles best too? :3

    We might want to drop the talk about friends. I get super sensitive over that type of thing. Don't even comment more on it a little o.o;;; i may have a meltdown if i read ANYTHING unhappy related to it.....its one of my issues. A lot relating to a dead friend of mine :< very sad story there i'd also like left untalked....
    You're right :3 she's not just ONE thing. She's an indivisual. Just like me, or you. Thank you. Pink is really cute :3 Are you a fan of the powerpuff girls? I've been very into them again this year. I like bubbles, she is the cute one :3

    A lot of people i met on here also have aspergers/autism. One i had to stop talking to due to it since his condition was too extreme in certain ways that were very annoying to me :< We are going to battle on pokemon tomorrow, though. I'm okay with having pokemon battles with him. It isn't the same as talking to him. He's too mentally unstable to be good talking friends with though. Makes me feel sad, really, but i guess thats just the way things are. At least i can still have pokemon battles with him :) thats how he can have his friends in the end.
    You're welcome :D Yay friends thank you :D

    Awwww yay hello kitty is awwwwesome :D I've had a serious interest/crush on korrina this year. I've thought at times it clashes with my girlyness but. She seems to really help my autism. And girly/tomboy are really just stereo types people use to box up others, anyways.....they aren't the real world. I want to learn to just forget them or not obsess over them as deeply. Korrina helps my autism improve :) thats a good enough reason for me to continue liking her, even if i also really like things like hello kitty and flowers and the color pink (its my favorite color). Period. Korrina is pretty cutesy and upbeat for a 'tomboy' anyways. She even is shown liking flowers a bit later on in her eps =3 And she wears a dress.

    Sorry for the stereo type talk. Its an obsession i've had for at least ten years, sadly. Do you have autism, too? I have lots of hard times in my life, due to this condition of mine :< I often don't understand others and i judge easily. I'm improving past it now, and learning to finally calm myself more, but yeah. Its not easy. Korrina seems to comfort me with my issues though. In a way, her stereo typed traits helps. However i also think i'm just madly in love with her for who she is too and that makes me feel at ease :) thinking of us as a couple, skating together, brushing each others hair...she's so pretty.....
    I'm reading your vulpix fict :3 its really, really cute. Also, i really like bellossom too^^ i'm a huge flower person overall so why wouldn't i? x3 its also really cute too^^ Also, i wanna be your friend :3 i think we'd get along good. I like your cat picture a lot too. Kittens are awesome.
    Hey, I have a question! I've been meaning to revive the Review Game, and you're the last poster there, so you're due to receive a review. However, May's Justice hasn't been updated for a long while, so I wasn't sure if it would be proper to bump the thread or not. The reason I ask is because I saw your started a new fic (or rather a reboot of an old fic) and was wondering if you'd accept a review there for the game? (Of course, if you'd prefer that the original request remain the same, that's totally fine!)
    It really is. I'm so sorry to hear about that. That's rough. I'm glad I'm helping you through it.

    I apologize it took me so long to respond to you. I was on vacation all of last week and I just got back home last night but it was after a long day of traveling and I was exhausted so I went straight to bed.
    Yeah, that was a really hard one to go through. Just the fact that three children were involved make it even harder.
    It's always very tough to lose someone. I've been there so many times, quite possibly the hardest one I've expeienced is losing my cousin and her three three children in a house fire.
    My uncle was 50 when he passed but he had been sick for a while so when I found out, I wasn't shocked.
    I lost a family friend in October and that was honestly a big shock to me. I honestly had no idea she was in the hospital when my told me she passed away.
    Finding out my uncle died.
    So sorry to hear about that. I lost my uncle too so I know how you feel right now. My condolances.
    I'm doing well, thank you. How about you?
    Don't worry about it. You don't need to be on every day or anything, it is just a forum.
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