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    Cardcaptors Sakura

    That was like the first anime I ever really watched. But it was the American dub. lol. But that IS a pretty good deal. I wish I were you!
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    Fullmetal Alchemist vs. Naruto

    Personally, I like FMA better too. But Naruto will always have a special place in my heart. ;)
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    Famous Last Words

    "No one said anything about a Scyther getting involved."
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    Who do YOU think is the most "forgotten" pokemon?

    Qwilfish, Stantler and Krabby. There are plenty more, I just forgot.
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    Manga - Not popular in the US!??

    I think that there are people who love anime and manga, but don't say much about it because they don't want to be viewed as an "animefreak" or get declassified in the social hierarchy of their school or something like that. Nevertheless, manga is indeed gaining popularity and people are becoming...
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    Oddest Breeding Partners?

    I don't know if anyone thought about this, but how about Male Skitty+Female Wailord? But either way, Skitty'd just be too small. Wailord + Farfetch'd. O__o
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    How did you find out about Missingno?

    I found out about it a couple years ago online.
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    ChocolateCon's Super Splices

    Thank you for your suggestions. I'll try to improve on the copy+pastiness of it.
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    ChocolateCon's Super Splices

    I made these splices about a year ago or so. Just recently I found them hiding in the bowels of my computer. C+C would be appreciated and please don't use my sprites without my consent. Thank you and enjoy~ Loutile Arcados Flycatty Mimenair Gardemise. As a side note, I use MS Paint to...
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    Manga Character Elimination game

    37 Green 35 Blue 32 Yellow 52 Gold 41 Silver 31 Crystal 100 Ruby 42 Sapphire 26 Wally 30 Pearl
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    If you had an ability from naruto

    Hard choice, but Byakugan FTW. Being able to see in all directions would be awesome.
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    How do your parents feel about manga?

    My dad doesn't take me shopping for them too often, but he thinks that manga isn't much more than an expensive comic book. On the other hand, my mom thinks it's perfectly fine. She liked manga when she was a kid. 8D
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    Favourite Starter

    Cyndaquil, no contest. My first and favorite starter.
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    What was the first Pokemon you ever caught?

    Mine was probably a Rattata. I put it in the Box after I decided it was an ugly Ratticate. Red Version graphics weren't that great.
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    What annoys you most about Pokemon games/anime/manga?

    I don't like the fact that, to obtain Pokemon such as Jirachi and Lugia, you have to go to a Nintendo Event. It's unfair to the people who live in places where you have to travel for hours to get to one for a game.