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  • Yeah SAME. D8 I don't think they aired in FL...dgkadgafegaf and plus I looked and the DVDs are freaking EXPEnSIVE /here's to hoping someone will put the 3rd movie online when it comes out/
    Wait, what do you mean by Beta World Line? What's that?
    Haha Beta World Line was a Steins;Gate reference. xD It's hard to explain, but everytime you time travel, you go into a different parallel universe.
    I apologize...I died....halfway through.

    Yeah I hope so too! I look forward to see their responses, though for the ones who haven't seen Puella Magi before they be all "What?" XD
    Spoilers are easy to make, and it's handy too. You go
    (and you put an equals between the first spoiler bracket, so it'll look like: [SPOILER=
    Yeah it does :3

    (Hmm you'll see xD)
    I don't know how to do the Spoiler Tag thing. And the fact that Cilan is a bit shy in the game makes this even better.
    (Sometimes a little sadness adds a little excitement) What do you mean think of things a bit differently?
    (Nope. XD I told her to watch the first 3 episodes to see what she thinks.) You should watch it, it's a lot like Madoka in some ways, but funnier and happier, but it still gets the drama and everything. ;-; Hmm I never thought of Magical Boys before. XDDD But in a way this could work with Gameverse. Remember how shy Homura was? Dento's like that in game. X3 It'd be so sad seeing him become cold...

    Yes that would be very sad. I remember crying at that scene. ;-;

    Go to the beta timeline darnit Dento. //shot//

    I think if you put any strong Madoka Refis into your answer, put them in spoiler tags for the ones who haven't seen that anime.

    //And I think when I reply to it (most likely tomorrow sometime) I'll try to think of things a bit differently so it's not too similar to Madoka ^^
    Yeah I've seen the anime before today I was tryin to convert Jess I must say, the Homura part reminds me of an anime called Steins;Gate, coincidentally Mamoru Miyano voices the main character. XD

    But yeah I know it'd turn out sad, perhaps even sadder than Homura and Madoka because of the lurv (I guess you could argue but you get what I mean. XD)
    I did yes - it made me laugh quite a little. Sorry I never responded to it - I found myself busy with study. Started my English GCSE just two days prior, so I was a little full on study way before then... for my other things though, not my English. XDD

    I've recently been fascinated with Lavender Town, so it's awesome for me to say I'm gonna be writing a Wishful fic based in there... I'm itching to get started!... But I can't find a suitable beginning... ;_______;
    Yup - just accept it and move on~ xPP

    Hmmm.... I'm suffering serious writer's block myself... I haven't written anything in about two weeks now, excluding notes of ideas and such; it seems I haven't had the strength/motivation to write them... o_o
    But it's too bad you're having trouble - but I'm sure you'll over come it eventually and write the last words to end your fantastic fic. You should be fine... ;)
    Aha, it hasn't come over here too. So you don't watch the sub either? Nah... it's too annoying for me - plus, I don't care for the voices much... ^^;

    Yup - Purrlan! xD I picture Iris to be turning into some little Vanellite type deal and then Purrlan chasing her around, trying to lick her. In a NON-perverted way... xDDDDDDDD
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