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  • Oh, I just meant the flow of your writing; sometimes it's stronger than other times due to more motivation, and sometimes it's weaker because you're busier or have other things on your mind. Or no ideas... like me at the moment. :x So yeah, that's what I meant by "phase". xD

    Oh goodness, you've been working fast, lol! xD Man, you'll have to write another one soon. Or come back onto the thread and help us make a jokey version of "Purrlan" - (Cilan as a Purrloin through soem black magic type thing...). Rat's already started it off, and I was going to continue, but didn't have time. xD

    Hey, have you watched the episode with Pinot Noir in it?? xD
    It's good to know that you're doing good. You haven't been on the thread in a while... you should totally come back sometime when you find yourself with some spare time~ xP

    So, how's the whole Fanfiction phase going?? :) And I'm good, thanks~ xD
    I answered your topic in very little detail and in almost no accordance to the question itself!~ :D

    Chili Chicco Sanyo Girl,
    Hey, I heard you were having trouble with your FFN account. So here are a couple of tips.

    1) Make sure you're not logged into anywhere else, even somewhere like MSN, which has nothing to do with FFN directly, moreso it shares the same connectiviy pass to go through to wifi. So log into FFN first and THEN whatever else you wanna log into.

    2) If when you type in your username and your password (and your human code xP), it directs you back to FFN. net, rather than your homepage, click on the feed you want to go on (Pokemon, Cilan and Iris - this is called a feed in case you didn't know - it's just specification about the type of fiction you wanna read. :)...), then click on your user-name that should be next to your fanfiction. You will come onto your own profile page. Click on "send PM" - while still on your own page - and it should come up with a heading/screen that says "You have to be logged in to use this feature" - log in from there and it should take you to the private messaging screen - then just click from there onto "My Stories" and you should be on.

    3) When you log in and type in all your details, and your human code, make sure to tick the box, "remember me for seven days". If this fails, repeat step two, and then bookmark/favourite the page; it should keep it in tack, logged in and all.

    4) If none of these work, go to the moderators. On the opening page to FFN, there should be some emails that have been created - most liekly FFN bots - and you can email any troubles you're having directly to them. On most sites, bots are useless and not exactly trustworthy, but on FFN, they do a spendid job!~

    I hope some of these tips work and if they don't, sorry... <:) Happy writing and I'll check out your fic when I get time~

    Chili Chicco Sanyo Girl,
    XDDD It rained again btw...

    I started reading the beginning, but I haven't been keeping up. :) I'll be sure and finish reading it though. XD
    7 years ago? Forget Pocahontas and Romeo and Juliet...they are reminding me of Ruby and Sapphire. XDD Anyways....Pocahontas was nice...but it was all a lie. xD
    No problem. :)
    That's be nice..I loved Lion King 2 and the first one...oh yeah and 1 1/2 XDDD I also liked Pocahontas. XDD
    You should try, I mean writing has advantages to just about anything and fanfcition is good practice for that. :) It sounds nice though. I think people don't care for Romeo and Juliet because it's kind of old and sad. XDD

    I think it will. You can always make tweaks and make it better. ;D
    Mods can give you an infraction for double posting.

    Haha don't worry about it, I'm sure we understand from your first post. ^^
    Wowerz triple post in the Wishful thread. ^^; I don't want you getting into trouble, so do you think you could edit your posts into one? :eek:
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