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  • can i please be on the pm list for penultimate?


    scratch that, i seem to be on it.

    why you know post more chapters?

    your killing me here.

    Currently reading your HS/SS one-shot contest entry. I love it so far. Is it a prequel to Penultimate?
    Hello, there! Um, sorry to say this to a moderator, you think you can put credit that Zadros made the banner? He would appreciate it if you do.^^;
    hello there,i have seen that you know alot about the ASB and would like to know if you could give me a good idea on how to post my team(i have it almost figured out but the levels and stuff confuse me :) )
    chozo, i keep reading your fanfic penultiment. its great. i like how you know terry pratchet to, at least one person in charge every where should know him. he,s my fave wrighter, and you do a great job emulating him in your fic.
    Hye. Chozo.

    It happened again- another hypocrite basically saying Oh I'm attacking you cause you're not a mod.

    Tho admittedly it stopped being funny when it continued to be stupid >_>

    Hey Chozo, have you ever had people try and use you in such a way as to make themselves look better because they didn't agree with how you said or wrote something?
    Step 1: Post your Pokemon in sigless squad submissions

    Obviously, you can't post Pokemon with sig moves in here. However, the general assumption is that anything you post in here is automatically approved (assuming your Pokemon follow the rules for squads), and having a team of Pokemon with no sig moves is better than having no Pokemon.
    So this means that as long as they're within the limits you can begin playing? I'm osrry in the good ol' days you had to get them approved. Okay, I don't mind sigs right now, considering how I'm returning and I want to take it slow...*rambles*

    Ugh, I'm so confused, *passes out due to retardedness*

    Mozz will probably ref our battle, but he is deciding that. I just wanted to remind you about our battle since it has been a month or so since I accepted your challenge.
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