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  • Chris I would like to have my skyward sword thread reopened.

    That zelda thread you redirected me implying that is where the skyward sword discussion needed to go is just a poll about 4 zelda games with the point of the thread being you breifly describe why you picked the choice you picked. That isn't the same thing as a thread focusing on indepth skyward sword discussion nor would that kind of discussion belong in that thread you redirected me to.

    I would like to politely request that you open my thread back up please.
    LSD Dream Emulator is a video game, not a Rom Emulator. Just letting you know because I noticed you locked a topic just because "Emulator" was in the title without actually reading the topic.
    Hello. I sure could use some achievments(especially for the Scout). If it isn't too much of a hassle adding me. I'm runkaking.
    Generally speaking, there are ways. Just not available to the public. They're only meant for the press (magazine and websites) to provide clean screenshots and footage for reviews. Prior to the Game Boy Player (and GameCube), there was a method for journalists to use the N64 as a means of playing Game Boy/Game Boy Color games for reviews.
    So, what do they do now?
    Hey, sorry for bugging you, but I just had a quick question and then I'll get out of your hair. If I'm crafting a 2-star item into a 3-star item (specifically, the Autogun into the Needle Shot) in Spiral Knights, does it matter what level the Autogun is? Mine is level 7.
    Oh, look.
    Ah, great! Can I leave a comment on the same friend's, as long as it's a diffrrent screenshot, and can you friend me (I'm on my iPod)? I'm Un0va.
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