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  • His FC: SW-8349-3779-9376
    In game trainer: SirFireFox with Card Code: 0000 0004 1YC2 B1
    Just send me your info and we'll get you added and link when you're ready. :)

    EDIT as of 12:04 AM EST:
    Heading to bed, we can try tomorrow if you're around-- I think the den should still work then.
    Happen to have that Beldum you seek, got it myself back in Omega Ruby. Was planning on hoarding it, but it'll be better off in your hands
    Sorry I missed you. @@ I might be able to do tonight if you are around.
    10th (Saturday) for me is better since I always have an event on Sunday. I should be around from my normal times, but if something changes I'll let you know.
    I'm not really sure. This weekend I am very busy, so probably not until the 10th-11th?
    Yes, I prefer only VM as my PM box gets full too quickly and I see VMs at the same time anyway. ^^;
    I do have Mimikyu, in both ENG (Careful) and JPN (Jolly). I do not have any of the TRR Ambition Pokemon as those are near impossible for me to get.
    Nah, you're asking for some really complicated stuff, when I'm just looking for a recent event with a particular nature. Don't think we will be able to work anything out.
    Thanks again! I have been event collecting since 2010 and have traded with many people around the world since then bringing my collection to almost 3000 events!
    Hello and thank you for taking an interest in my shop! I have made a reply to you in my shop, and hope that we can make a trade soon! My FC is in my signature!
    Thank you so much!! Sorry for the confusion, similar Pokemon names make it tricky. @w@
    Sorry for the wait, I'll hop back on! I'll send Swampert back over in exchange.
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