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  • Damn it, I just realized I wrote Sceptile when I meant to write Swampert. I have this Swampert already, so I would like Sceptile. Would you be able to trade that tonight?
    Aha! Yes I am here! I am booting up my game now and will hop in the Plaza! c:
    Seems I might have missed you? Usually don't trade at this time but I have some free time, I'll try to check back over the next hour or so.
    Cool, thank you! Sorry, that message was at 9 PM and I had an event all night so I wasn't here. @@ I might be around for a few hours today, so if you hop on let me know!
    Hiya! Cloning stuff for the trade and I realized I recently got a JR Trains Sceptile with the OT ながさき. Is yours an Adamant one? If so it's the same one, so if it's alright I'll switch it out for the RNG Groudon you mentioned!
    Sorry I missed you yesterday, I ended up having errands to do. @@ I'll be around my Sat morning as usual if that works for you! If not let me know a specific time, I can do another time up until about 5 PM when I'll be gone for the rest of the evening.
    According to the dude I know, he knows someone who managed to get Shiny versions but they are in his private collection and likely will never be traded. Oh well. :/
    Hi there! I checked with the person who has a list of legit PCNY Wish events, and he said with great confidence that the Shiny ones you have are hacked. Anything with the OT Lorren is hacked, as is stuff with the OT Dustin (specifically with the ID 37684 but he said anything with that OT). I'm checkong on your Lickitung with him just in case. Sorry to break bad news, but better to know than trade hacks around!
    Thank you too! This event will help me with a theory I'm working on for hack checking. Appreciate it. C:
    Is there any way you could make my 4 PM or 8 PM instead? I have one trade each at those times, and at this rate I'll have to be coming on every couple hours today to do trades haha. If not that's fine, I'll aim for 6.
    Hello! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, it has been a crazy week. @@ I have Spearow for you finally! Please let me know if sometime in my Saturday times would work for you, and if so what time specifically!
    Yes, remember I live in Japan so my time zone is different. @@ I will try! I have some other things to get for other people so it might still be a bit, but I will let you know.
    Nothing from the other 4th gen games, or from other 3rd or 5th gen games either?? Very well then, I'll collect some stuff to send up for other people maybe.
    Like I said before tomorrow probably won't work as it is my Sunday and I have a meeting. It would have to be my Monday, so in a couple days around this time.
    Sorry, I haven't had time to transfer Spearow just yet, so I'll try to get it up. @@ Is there any other in-game Pokemon you would like? We can think of a trade for it later, but then I can send more Pokemon up. (As it is, I'm having trouble finding 6 to send up, even of random Pokemon.)
    Alrighty. I'll be around in about an hour from now for most of the day I think. If you want to do my Sunday it might be more difficult (I have a full day meet every Sunday and it's hard to check in constantly). I also have Monday off so I will be around from 10 AM my time that day too!
    Sorry, I don't trade on days other than my Wed or my weekends (Sat and Sun, not Fri) so I was not around. Hence why I asked about weekend times. @w@
    Darn, our wants and owned things are mutually exclusive. @@ Awesome! Lickitung would be perfect!
    I will be around over the weekend, any idea what time would be good?
    Yes, like I said Spearow is correct. Interesting! Would you happen to have others besides Drowzee? I'm not that interested in those events but I know someone looking for the Lickitung, I think it was. If not, maybe you have other PCNY Pokemon?
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