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  • Okay, so I have Spearow, but Shuckle is a bit of weird case. I talked to him in both my games and he said something about true happiness. I think what happened is I did get it from him, but then talked to him again later with it and it had high enough happiness that he had me keep it. I do have a Shuckle on my HeartGold with the right nickname, but it has my OT and ID and is a higher level (Lv. 23 but seems UT). I can't find any info on this issue so I'm not sure what's up. Unfortunately I don't think I have time to dedicate to a new playthrough so I wouldn't be able to reset a game to get it for you. >> I could try it on my Japanese games but it seems you wouldn't be interested in that.
    Definitely not gonna be in a Lure Ball, but might be Jolly. I don't think I did any of the in-game trades in those games so I should be able to get them.
    Thank you too!! Sorry it took awhile to get done. @w@
    Also, I'll look into the HGSS Gyarados soon if you are still interested! I think I have one with no nickname somewhere...
    OKAY, sorry for the wait, but I have everything ready! I will hop online in just a moment! c;
    Hi there! I am working on transferring things so I will be ready in a bit, I'll let you know!
    Ugh sorry I missed you over the weekend, unfortunately it is now my Monday so I am not available. @@ My next time would be my Wed evening from 7 PM, would that be possible for you?
    Hi! I am not at all haha, I haven't brought the Pokemon up from 3rd and haven't cloned anything, so I'll need a bit of time. @@ How long are you around?
    I am too! Thanks a ton as usual, and come back if you'd like anything else. c:
    and NO one is gonna have a legit shiny pcny wish event. any going around is gonna be hacked
    just so you know no one with a legal wish pcny events is gonna migrate them and trade them for gen 6 or 7 events. and shiny pcjp events either. all are incredibly rare and worth way more than any gen 6/7 event. and majority of pcny events being traded are hacks.
    Oh cool! Thank you too, glad we could get it done before I left! c:
    Hiya! Thanks for being around! c: I forgot to ask, did you need these all cloned and sent back?
    Cool! I should also have everything done by that time, thank ye. c:
    Awesome! And I would also take Exploud yes, so I'll make sure it's all cloned and ready to go! c:
    Oh, on Cinema Shaymin, I have a few natures. Please let me know which you'd like!
    Yes it was almost 9 AM at the time! This message is being posted at 12:25 PM, so I will be around in about 7.5 hours from this post. Looking forward to it!
    Hiya! Uhh yes I could possibly do tonight if you can do 8 PM (GMT+9), as my time is limited but I have another trade at that time so it should be fine. OH OH I'd take both of those JEREMY Pokemon, I've got a friend looking for them desperately! You had been interested in Yamamoto's Whiscash, Golgo's Octillery, Cinema Shaymin and WIN2011 Celebi yeah? And I had agreed on the 10th Blaziken and Absol, as well as Tolers Ludicolo...so the trade is a little uneven. If you'd like something else go ahead and add it on, or I can replace Ludicolo for the extra JEREMY event. Let me know! c:
    Hello there! I'm sorry it's been all day, but I'm FINALLY free to trade with you! If you still have time. c:
    My FC is in my profile and my IGN is Road. When you see me, feel free to send a request! c:
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