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Last Activity:
Nov 3, 2017
Jul 13, 2011
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ChrishMC was last seen:
Nov 3, 2017
    1. snivy trainer
      snivy trainer
      Hello, not sure if you received my PM, but I have several Pokémon with Pokerus I'm willing to trade. Are you interested?
      Hi, what do you want for the sinnoh starter?
    3. The Dog15
      The Dog15
      Hi there, what do you want for the DW Starter?
    4. NateZermeno
      hey! from what i saw you have a few DW pokemon that i am interested in.

      the pokemon are: ditto, slowpoke, bagon, and carvanha.

      i am willing to offer a pokemon in my signiture per trade! im 100% legit.

      look forward to hearing bac from you very soon! THANKS!
    5. Andrew Shard
      Andrew Shard
      wanna be friends?
    6. SmeargleRocks
      Hi chrish I see you have an adamant extreme speed zigzagoon could you look in my shop and tell me if I have anything you want I have these 2 not in my shop quiet UT lv70 10aniv moltres and timid 10aniv charizard UT lv70 I am not sure if they are LEGIT or not because I got them off GTS negotiations but if you can Pokecheck and if they are LEGIT I could trade you them if you need them thanks :)
    7. EmiiLava
      What would you want for ur DWf woobat?
    8. matgonor
      Dude, si this trade coming on or what?
    9. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      Are you available to trade? If so, I can get to cloning my Pokes.

      What am I trading to you again? I can't seem to find the mail containing what I'm supposed to give you again... lol
    10. matgonor
      Sorry for taking too long, my qwilfish is Rash.
      Oh yea, and in which country do you live?
    11. matgonor
      Sorry, i cant tell u the ivs, but victini is Jolly.
      And i will tell u about qwilfish a bit later.
    12. NoToRiousBrawL
      Is Gible in DW ball? If so please let me know what do u want for it.
    13. matgonor
      Ok, my events are:
      Movie keldeo(Modest,Jolly,and naive)
      Movie meloetta(naive)
      WISHMKR shiny jirachi(docile)
      Nobunaga´s rayquaza(adamant)
      Solar power modest charizard flawless(HP electric)
      Lonely bulbasaur DW
      2012MAY Darkrai(various natures)
      SPR2012 Zekrom and reshiram
      Hasty DW arceus
      HGSS celebi
      FEB2012 Mewtwo
      Shiny deoxys from hoenn.
      V-create rayquaza
      Spanish V-create Victini
      American v-create victini
      Liberty pass victini
      PCNYb Wailord
      PCNYc Aggron
      PCNYd Kingdra
      PCNYc Crawdaunt
      Kyushu trains Shiny metagross.
      Gotta catch em all Qwilfish
      WIN2011 Raikou
      DW torchic
      DW bulbasaur
      Peli11 Shaymin(spanish)
      DW blissey w/ healer
      US DW porygon w/ the nature you want (yea, i didnt catch him yet)
      That is for my events.If you want to know about the shinies or DWF i have just ask.
    14. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      It seems that based on your time zone, I might have to wait until Sunday or Monday to trade, as you're on during the night where I am at. Is that alright with you?
    15. Chingchar
      Hey by Korea crown dog trio do you mean the raikou, entei and suicune shiny event ?
    16. D Dog Master Of War
      D Dog Master Of War
      i like Reshiram and white Kyurem there beautiful
    17. D Dog Master Of War
      D Dog Master Of War
      hello how are you today
    18. dar
      i dont see you in there
    19. dar
      ok vm me when they are ready and i will meet you in there
    20. dar
      are the pokemon ready to trade
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