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Recent content by ChrisTheCorruptHero

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    SINGLES MEGA GYARDOS! (and friends)

    interesting advice to say the least and thank you! I don't put EV's and natures because I just like to say what stats you should focus on. The build on that nidoking is pretty incredible but at the same time life orb doesn't seem too great on it because it's speed is decent but at the same time...
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    Mega Salamence is Fair and Balanced (OR/AS Battle Maison Singles)

    quite the team you have here! This is honestly one epic team for sure! if I could suggest something though it would be to instead use eviolite Chansey. Comes in REALLY handy at times. the one I run in my comp team is just a straight healer for the team. Chansey stat focus: HP and DEF...
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    Please rate my beginner's comp team

    charizard looks like he could hold up pretty well. That belly drum combo is a little risky though... Dragonite is gonna need that speed though so you may wanna change it to a modest nature since its not utilizing physical attacks definitely wanna take the quick claw off of greninja dude, it's...
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    SINGLES MEGA GYARDOS! (and friends)

    SINGLES MEGA GYARDOS! (and friends) please rate! ;130; Gyarados ;130; stat focus: ATT and SPD item: Gyaradosite ability: moxie move 1: waterfall move 2: bounce move 3: crunch move 4: dragon dance ;113; Chansey ;113; stat focus: HP and DEF item: eviolite ability...