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  • will ash elove snivy or scarggy and pignite or evenn plaptioad and will he cathc mellttteta in his team
    Just because you would let everyone go on to the next round doesn't mean other people will, so don't try that one. And also, a wi-fi battle lasts an average of 30 minutes, something hard to even start with timezone and schedule difference. PO battles last 4 minutes tops, but most people on Serebii stick to wi-fi.

    You say you don't know how we act, yet why would someone who obviously has at least a bit of power here on the forums (I see a section others can't) and has been a gym leader here for over a year act like a complete noob and make the cockiest of remarks without being at least a little sarcastic or in a jokingly way?
    If you can't understand that my friend and I are joking around with everyone then you need to get your brain CT scanned.

    I don't want to start an argument, but don't act like you're superior to everyone, one week is not that much time to get 32 battles done with conflicting schedules; people do have lives.
    I am aware of Earth's other Green Lanterns, thank you. Kudos for spelling "Rayner" correctly, you'd be surprised how many utterances of "Rainer" and "Raynor" you see out there.

    My point was that Hal was created in 1959 and since then, he's headlined three of four volumes of Green Lantern (vols. 1, 2 and 4; volume 3 was Kyle's title after issue #50), he's been a founding member of the JLA three times over (pre-Crisis, post-Crisis, post-Infinite Crisis). This here:


    --is a list of just about every appearance Hal's ever made in a DC comic book, from Green Lantern and Justice League of America all the way down to stuff like Day of Judgment and Justice League Europe. You can tell just by looking that it's well over 800 entries long. Again, I don't see how the character's been underexposed or underdeveloped.

    And as for Hal's character itself, it has been developed. Being brought back from the dead - being dead in the first place because he murdered the Corps and the Guardians and then gave his life to reignite the sun - will change a guy, and it has. Hal's still plenty confident, but he's not the supremely arrogant SOB he once was. His reverence for the ring and the Corps is much greater - he's seen exactly what goes in to both of them and he knows what the universe was like when there was no Corps patrolling it. In the pages of GL right now, Johns is ever so slowly starting to re-explore the relationship between Hal and Carol. There was clearly love there during Blackest Night, but as the point man for the Green Lantern Corps and the new Queen of the Star Sapphires respectively, it's not that easy.

    It seems to me sometimes like he was just resurrected yesterday, but Rebirth happened over five years ago and GL vol. 4 is up to 59 issues already. Hal's been given plenty to do since then and it all shows.
    Much of his GL success has hinged on developing the GL mythos into a kind of Star Wars
    Maybe I'm just a sucker for multi-colored iconography, but this is a problem?

    but I find the character of Hal Jordan largely under-developed.
    In what way? He's been around for fifty years and he's headlined most any comic titled "Green Lantern" for the majority of that time.
    I'm a comic book fan and a fan of a lot of the stuff Johns has done, so I guess you could say that.
    lol no problem. yea that hail has been a very long ongoing project xD lol
    hmm...well i need to try something, altho its going to be really bad, but hey why not lol. Sure, i'll be on. Beta?
    LOL @ Calarus taunting little kids over a video game. Stay classy.

    Anywho, no it isn't off. Like I said, we'll be happy to war you in a couple weeks or so.
    I'd prefer to do them all on smogon in my thread. That way I can keep track of my history easily.
    Aww buu huu why dont you just tell where your advent fail chat is and I will come by to spank all of you with my dudes and of course myself. if not just STFU dude and go cry between youre clan breasts of failure
    lol like I said war us. and tbh no one has 6-0ed me EVER so tell that person to bring it anytime if not you all still ADVENTFAIL XD losers
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