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Last Activity:
Oct 14, 2016
Nov 29, 2008
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chrisv.987 was last seen:
Oct 14, 2016
    1. ShinyOne.
      Hey, still looking for a Jirachi? My friend is giving one away :)

      Legendary Package Giveaway - Jirachi, Mew and Celebi.
    2. Sandstormmaster
      Hey not sure you got the last message (I don't go on the forums much) but I do have a few shiny pokes along with legendaries, starters, etc. Anything specific? I also have a spare movie promo victini. I won one off a neighbor but haven't picked up my own yet.
    3. Sandstormmaster
      Hey this is my first time requesting a trade so bear with me. My bro wants one of those female dratinis and I think I have a spare celebi (win2011) for trade. (that's the one you need to get zorua right?). Well I have many other pokemon for trade if that doesn't suite you like a few shiny pokemon and legendaries or I can breed a number of others. Btw if you have a dw female Poliwag I would like to make an offer on that as well.
    4. UmbreonID
      Thank you very much for the trades!
      If you need anything else, just let me know. (Like male Bagon with egg move or Taillow with egg move to continue breeding)
    5. EmbC
      I have DW Squirtle and event Pikachu. Are you interested?
    6. jayred7
      I didn't forget about u. Are u avail to trade by any chance?
    7. UmbreonID
      Sorry about the weird trade. xD I was hoping that you'd read the message I sent you during it about Celebi, but I guess tomorrow you can give me it. Thanks though!
    8. Samhain
      still got the flawless timid dw vulpix? im VERY interested got many pokes to trade.
    9. shikinokurai
      hey :D
      i have pikachu with the DW ability and light ball .. if u still interested .. plz vm me :)
    10. lionclues
      Thanks for the dratinis!
    11. ~Kurou
      Do you strill have those dratini's I would be willing to offer a poikemon of your choice from my shop ;)
    12. adwf194
      hey i have a flawless timid ALAMOS darkrai (with spacial rend and roar of time), i saw you were looking for one and if you want it i am interested in flawless battle pokemon. pm/vm me if interested
    13. NateZermeno
      hey Chris! i saw on the forums that you had DW poliwags up for trade! maybe we can make a deal? i have a shiny zapdos mild nature & more!

      please write me back! THANKS (:
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    Name: Chris
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