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  • Hello, Chthonic Flames? It's deltakurumiru4 from the Teen Titans RP. I was curious, are you still in the RP? If you are, I would like to set up a fight between our two characters.
    I know, and what I had going on with Ore was the only thing I was really regretting about leaving. It sucks, but there's not much I can do about it if I just have no inspiration.
    Bronislav told me that i should tell you that I'm dropping out of the Teen Titans RP. I just could not think of anything to do and completely lost track as to what was happening. Sorry about that.
    Please tell me you are not dropping out of Teen Titans? Haven't posted anything in a while. We had the rule saying don't sign up if you end up not staying around to make sure people who can't stay around don't sign up. It would be sad to lose you.
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