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  • Hi, for your trade shop, you need to list at least 10 Wants. Currently, you have this:

    Shiny Chickorita
    Shiny Bagon or any evolution of bagon
    Shiny Teddiursa
    Shiny Tyrouge

    Shiny or Not Slaking good nature
    Shiny or not Larvatar with good nature
    Shiny or not Solosis with good nature
    Shiny or not, good natured axew
    Shiny or not, good natured feebass

    Basically, you need one more. VM me what it is and I'll add it to your shop. Afterward, I'll approve!
    Hey Chub, welcome to SPPf! Make sure you check out the Rules and the page about the Infraction Point System so you can enjoy your time on the forums! If you need help with anything, please either ask in the SPPf Help and Newbies section of the forums, or just toss me a private message.

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