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  • Your image in your signature leads me to think of something funny. According to the extremist Christians, God causes hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc etc because he hates [insert group]. However, it's a proven fact that obese people die earlier than other people. Why aren't they saying that God hates fat people? :p
    Yes, correct yay. I saw this on Mythbusters and it took me a little bit to understand it cause I forgot about the propellers.
    You want us to respond to your sig? If so, um, the propeller pushes air to the wings which is able to lift it off the conveyor and build speed to fly?
    An airplane moves because it pushes itself through the air. The treadmill is connected to the ground, not the air. That means the plane would push itself forward regardless of the speed of the treadmill, right? I think I'm getting it.
    It says that the treadmill matches the speed of the plane. Doesn't this mean that the plane will remain stationary relative to the treadmill?
    The seaplane moves through the water using the thrust from its propellers, while the treadmill is moving on its own without being affected by the plane's thrust.
    A seaplane uses its propellers to move it through the air, and then the wings provide lift. But that's different, because there's air in the equation. Right?
    The riddle in your sig stumps me. I always assumed that planes use the lift generated by their wing shape to gain altitude, but if the plane is staying in place so there's no wind, there would be no lift, right? Unless the thrusters are generating lift, like on a harrier? Or unless there's sufficient outside wind?
    Hey, I don't know the answer to your question in your sig. But, I want to know the answer! A PM please? :)
    That propeller Red thunder mentioned is the jet engine, but i didn't come here to say that.

    I came to agree with your sig. Many contradictions in life... manny conradictions...
    The answer is simple.

    The engines don't send power to the wheels, so the treadmill has no impact on the plane's ability to take off. The engines are sending power to the propeller or whatever device is being used to generate forward momentum, which is then used to achieve take off. The plane will still move forward and achieve flight normally because the engines/propellers are pushing the plane forward, not the wheels. The wheels do nothing for the plane, other than give it a means to make contact with the surface while still being able to maintain the hull's integrity (in other words: without crashing).
    Is the answer to the riddle in your sig that the treadmill and the plane are both going in the same direction?
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