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  • hey, im gonna be a nice guy here and say that your post you made in the claim a pokemon thread is going to get you a strike unless you set it up like this:
    Gulpin --- chuckeroo777 --- October 9, 2011
    im just trying to be nice and help you so i hope you change it for your sake.
    Hi, about this post:

    "I am currently nailing down a good team, when it occured to me, that the three types I was trying to think of a type combo to resist, was found simply in water. Fire, water, and rock resistence.
    What would you guys suggest as a good bulkywater? It would be nice if it could use fiighting moves to counter blissy, but its not essencial. "

    I think you should post it here: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=468193

    Good luck!
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