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  • Yeh thats probably a good idea, i suck at judging sharpening though >.> Although its not as important on that texture. Btw what setting do you usually think its most effective on? I've been trying soft light or overlay and that look okay but i was wondering if you did anything else???
    I clicked the banner, and saw something awful jurnal-like whatever thingy. Saw your name there!
    would you mind giving me a link to the polaroid texture? I'm trying to build a small database if you like of textures that would be useful to have.
    Well, maybe you're in the beginning levels, so grammar intricacies haven't been explained to you. At least you've helped around Hang-eul mysteries. Thanks.
    Thanks, it helped somewhat. Two questions... 1. What's the situation with post-positions/cases of nouns?(how many are there, and what kinds exist?) 2. Does Korean severely mangle loanwords from European languages?
    hey sammi.

    i'm going to tone down the trolling for some time since my infraction points have racked up to 28, very close to a ban.
    Thanks Cieux =] (or do you prefer Sammi, idm.) Those tutorials are really helpful, especially for photo-editing since everyone's only ever given me banner tutorials before XD Also I saw you finally entered the wbc, nice entry btw.
    With that white-circle brush you put on around the text, is that your own creation? because you've said before you rarely use other peoples work nowadays.
    did you see my last banner for contest 84? It's total crap. i'm 5 votes ahead of everyone. i don't know how that happen; miracles, i'm guessing.
    great. now no one else can join the contest and have the chance to win.
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