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  • hey would you also be able to check out my defensive core in the commpetitive core thread? I'm more or less wanting other people's views I've already proven my tactics to myself in battle I just wanna know what people think of the tactics
    i used to browse this forum a lot more and you were one of my favourite posters. i remember appreciating you the most when you made a huge thread about gun control with a long winded and thorough explanation of why you thought they should be controlled and people continuously boiled it down into a simplified "i want my guns" thing and had a massive amount of respect that you could articulate yourself so well in front of a people that wanted nothing but to shout their opinions with no retaliation. so in short you're a really cool, reasonable, level headed and intelligent guy. keep doing you man.
    Nah, nah, there's no need for that. Like I've said, I have another Thundurus whose stats are more to my preference, so this guy would have spent forever in a box being wasted whereas I've already used your Durant more than I ever touched that Thundurus. Also you're a swell internet friend, and I feel good for having been able to do something nice for you. ^_^
    Thanks for the video, I'll have a look afterwards, when I get my game back out.

    Only four-letter words came to mind. I did not know it had HP Ice! I saw its 31s were in largely unimportant stats and just boxed it as useful trade fodder; never bothered checking its HP type (HP being such a crapshoot before 6th gen). Well dang. Ahaha, then I'm glad it's being put to such good use. That's a lot more pleasing than just tucking it away in the PC until god knows when. But wow... ^_^;

    Yeah, I noticed how much dead weight Durant can be while I was using it in the Maison. (Streak broken by a team with a Magic Bounce Espeon lead.) But it was fun, just needs a better contingency plan than I had. The Aron does sound fun, and it's cool you can make it work. I suck at prediction, so making use of mind games with my opponent usually guarantees me a loss. That's probably why rotation battles aren't my cup of tea.
    Adaptability will still net you Synchronize. 4 IVs was the best I had in terms of females. Good luck with the breeding. =)

    Your safari third is Ninetales, score!

    Edit: And thanks for the bivalve. ^_^
    It does get Flare Blitz now. But... yeah. ^_^;

    Uh, I think I do have some Eevee leftovers, but I'll have to check if any of them are actually decent. I'll let you know. But yes, I'd sure be grateful for a Shellder.

    Yours is pretty cool, Fire, with Ponyta and Larvesta so far. You're only going to get Drowzee, Wobbuffet, and Gothorita (if it's showing up for you) out of mine.
    Ah, well more help than hurt ain't bad. What was the Rain Dance meant to achieve, if I may be so bold? Also, if you end up with an extra decently-IV'd female Shellder from your efforts, could I bother you to trade one? I've wanted to train a Skill Link Cloyster since 4th Gen, but in all the boxes and boxes and boxes since, it just never happened. I've got plenty of breeding leftovers myself: flawless Impish HA Chespins with four Egg moves, flawless Hasty HA Froakies, usable (e.g. -Atk/Sp.Atk) Bold Vullabys, 5IV Adamant Dragon Dance/Outrage Charmanders, some few other odds and ends.

    Edit: Hey, you've beaten the E4, right? Your safari's third Pokemon isn't showing up on my game. Is mine on yours?
    Hah, that's awesome! I guess the genie swap worked out okay? How'd the team compare with the new guy?

    Mm, at least it's significantly less time-consuming now to get that last necessary IV. I remember the last battle I had in Gen V: I was able to take out the guy's Reuniclus and Hydreigon with my Dewott (he set up Trick Room as I Swords Danced, and his Psyshock left me standing and able to one-shot them both), but then his Conkeldurr was able to outmuscle my team. Good times. ^_^
    Yeah, I know they're all up there. I told you it was very good! That's about standard for the Pokemon I trained for battle in 5th gen.
    Yeah, but not a one of them is in the important stats. Closest is, I believe, HP?

    Yep, off of one of my BW playthroughs. And this is something I'm just content to do with my free time. After the initial playthrough of a new region, I like to go in on a different game and get as close to perfect as possible. For the genies in particular, I saved before triggering their release, and then it's simple (if tedious) to chase them down and use Mean Look. ^_^
    Well, thanks! Did you know this guy has 3 perfect IVs?

    Also, was this originally yours? If so, how did you ever manage to get it in an Ultra Ball? Every roaming Pokemon I see gets a Master Ball thrown at it right away.
    Ahaha, not really. That Thundurus really was an extra. It's very good, but I've got better in the Bank. Plus, it's fun to help out friends. It's like the philosophy of the game, after all. I hope your rotation strategy really takes off! =D
    Kudos on the shiny. ^_^

    My code's 2723 9573 9029. I'll go without Sp.Def, please. See you in Kalos!
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