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  • I fear it lacks your wit and wisdom. Actually, it lacks all wit and wisdom. I miss Grumpy Old Man's reign of terror. Are you back? Let us troll hand-in-hand!
    Ah, well I'm sorry to have come off as insulting, Cipher. You'd have heard as much sooner if sppf wasn't lagging so badly.

    Random results. Probably more accurate that way than with actual effort in the answers. =P
    Well... not solely serious. But even Josh would close a "facebook quizzes stink" thread, I'd imagine. It's like posting a "myspace attracts pedophiles" thread. =P
    I actually didn't notice that it was Peter at the end, to be honest. Reading back through it's really obvious now. In that case I would probably leave it as is, yeah.

    And no, I didn't have any problems with the supernatural parts. I thought it all worked well.
    Oh, I see, it's just, the project leader of Acanthite is also called Cipher, so I thought it might've been you.
    Sir, if by any chance you are on this forum, I want to erect a city in your honor.
    I agree. Selfish ***** deserved that one.
    Jeez, you active people and your full, healthy lives of accomplishment and progress. >_>

    Hey, that's what we're here for. =D
    Glad I could help. I don't know, there's just something about the Christmas season that thaws my heart. Maybe it's the rampant commercialism, or the crushed dreams of disappointed children everywhere, but it makes me feel like a different man.
    U used to be there, but u left yesterday. U were a great TCG contributor, and one of the administrators
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