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Citizen Insane

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  • Was your username Schwak once? And user title, Tlestlik?
    What do they even mean?
    Ohhh glad to hear that! Now we just have to hope that you get the job! :)
    Yeah I hope I'll enjoy my work. I also want it to be around a nice area where you won't get too bored.

    Arcanine! Or Empoleon. Most probably Arcanine now hehe.
    Ah good luck with the interview! I hope you get the job. :)
    Everyone's working already, it sounds scary. D:

    Oh yeah, who's your favorite Pokemon?
    Ah cool! I just got back from school & I'm about to start my homework once I watch an anime episode.
    What's the big day tomorrow? :3
    No problem! Thanks for accepting it.
    I loved your signature so I just had to add you, hehe. \(^_^)/

    What's up?
    I used to be active but then I got all lazy. Lol its much easier and convenient to be lazy than being active hahaha. Nice dog! I wish I could afford one but I like Havanese breed.

    But we already have Pancham.. I think its the Teddiursa of the gen. Yeah rumor has it that Skrelp's evolution will be Kraken/leaviathan like creature.. I personally hope it sticks to being Sea Dragon.. With a much more and longer kelp like weeds. Make it more gossamer looking in appearance..

    I never use or choose a Pokemon based off their stats. I tend to determine the Pokemon I choose off their appearance. I don't really make a bug deal about their stats I just work with it.
    Wow, that is such a large list. Some of the shows I watch are Big Brother, The Legend of Korra, The Walking Dead, True Blood, The Vampire Diairies, The Amazing Race and so on. Lol you better clean it then :p
    Well at least your active! Unlike me lol. So is Kai a purebred? Its a Japanese kind of dog right? I've seen pictures of it it looks cool!

    Agreed! Just because it apparently has tongue and paws.. Yeah still hoping for a different route for Swirlix as its a fairy type poke.. Not only does it share resemblance to Meowth's name its just so uninspiring..

    Skrelp for the win! It looks so moody and uncaring haha. I like Amaura than Tyrunt because I'm more of an ice guy than Dragon. People prefer Tyrunt because of its typing as dragon, me thinks..

    Yeah I don't plan on using any mega but Absol and maybe Mawile just looks too awesome! I'm excited for the other Megafied Pokemon especially to those who really need buffing. As of now the choices of Megafied Pokemon is really disappointing. Most of them are already powerful as they are.. :/

    Still not losing hope for weak pokes getting mega..
    Do you jog/exercise on a daily routine? What kind of a dog do you have?

    Anyway, yeah I agree! Kalos Pokemon hands down stomped Unova's dex! Although play through wise I still think Unova's is one of the best especially B2/W2..

    I'm not too keen on Inkay line. I find Swirlix interesting, I'm just hoping it doesn't turn out to be dog like upon evolution.. Meowstic (I still think its US name is bland and uninteresting) is goin to be on my planned team. Though I prefer the male one than the female.. I like the gender differences.. Oh and the not so stereotypical of specific play style GF made them. I'm glad the female is the all out attacker while the male is more on the supportive side. Although I'm abit disappointed altogether since I hate using clerical pokes lol.. But its all good..

    I'm still sticking with Skrelp and Amaura.. Goin to choose Froakie over Fennekin now.. I was enamoured with Fennekin's first stage but when it became bipedal I completely gone off..

    Meh. The new forme of Mega Mewtwo looks hideous. Mega Garchomp still looks like something you see out of horror films. Like the creeper from Jeepers creepers. What is up with its chiseled jaws lol..
    Hey dude! Thanks for accepting my request. So what's up?

    What do you think of the starter evolutions and the other new Pokemon in general?
    Lol xD
    I was just one of the people who replied to your thread. xD Not that it matters.
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