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  • I have homework, my relatives with after school classes/extra help, and some other junk I can't even think of right now... How about you?
    Nahh I think that's too hot personally, but you might like it. Girls get to wear short shorts, dresses and bikinis after all.
    Haha rain is nice when you're inside though. Think of it this way, it's easier to warm up than to cool down.
    :D Great! You are one of the few persons here who likes long messages! The honour is mine! :p
    *covers his head with a dish* :S
    It's ok, you are taking care of your body better than me or many other people, congrats! *invites Big Mac* just kidding :p
    Yes, it is, so there is no reason to get mad :p
    Do you? You know what? We all do (unless we are maniacs) @_@ but just be careful do don't do it in front of people (and I don't think someone with loe self-esteem can be able to chase me in a room trying to decorate my hair with cookies! lol) I was like you when a was teenager but I discovered that there is no relationship between bing reserved (or shy) and having lacking self-esteem :)
    *pulls out a bottle of whip cream and fires (they are good with cookies!) *
    Are you? First I have to ask my boss (Mr. College) to give me free time :p
    (Smart answer) *faceplam*
    *smiles with staring at you with shiny eyes but ignores the warning because he won't pay the laundry bill to fix the clothes*
    LOL, writing so many lines made us confused :p sorry about that!
    *starts shivering thinking on your laugh* I agree, better quality than quantity :)
    Thanks, but you seem to be a really smart person, so I guess you are introspective.
    *stares at his cup of tea and wonders what is inside* ?_?
    I doubt they'll change it in ORAS. If they did, it would give us access to hidden abilities that Game Freak seems to be trying to lock out right now (i.e. Sheer Force Feraligatr, Contrary Serperior, etc.).
    Sorry guys! I'm going on a roughly two week hiatus (exams and crap ;A; )
    Will miss you lots! Take care of yourselves c:
    *forgives your emphatic laugh (just kidding)* Probably :S... Colleges and school in small towns just close, no big deal! :p
    Nooooo? And I was calling you a tea expert!? lol!
    Hmm... good question! That is why I prefer to order delivery! LOL! just kidding! I'm old fashioned and like to talk to my friends without "phone" interruptions.
    Yes, It's sad. But they know other people around are jealous of their look... why is everything now about how people look?
    *grabs a cookie, crubles it and fights back*
    *tunes the spooky online radio station and turns the light off grabbing a flashlight and a back scratcher pulling away the pillows one by one* (I'll try it, thanks! *v* )
    Yes! it is! I also like to watch the YouTube videos about Slenderman, they are very creepy without being gory.
    *reconsiders his idea and stares at Citrus' new clothes in the wardrobe*
    Yep! Thanks again for your concern. :D I hope you are enjoying the weekend!
    *slowly walks to one corner to avoid surprises*
    Hmm... you made we want a juicy steak with fries and some chili sauce on top! :p
    Thank you :D I hope never offend you either. If for any reason you say something I dislike I won't get mad. No problemo!
    You are right, some of them have reasons, but some others just follow the crowd.
    *Remembers to never arguee with insane people* Of course! You are 101% right! ...Seriously, you are not insane. society make some of us act in that way... I feel like having a shield to protect myself from others and be direct. But if I befriend someone I'll do it forever, sadly 99.99% or people don't know how to reciprocate my feelings. Do you feel the same?
    My ways of thinking...they are probably as complex as yours.
    TBC (I need to rest my fingers!)
    It's quite understandable to have thought that, especially since most people tend to think you can switch between the regular ability ad hidden ability with the Ability Capsule. Perhaps they'll bring back the Body Slam move tutor sometime.
    *looks everywhere expecting another ambush*
    But food is great. Right?
    No problem! I'm not easily "offendable." You are right, but those persons are not happy! "I can be apathetic a lot, but also emphatic"... interesting, but I know what you mean, you are emphatic for things you like. I don't find it strange, I'm like that too. :P
    Yes, I love that expression...IMO it has two meanings: "great" or "just nonsense" words can make good points or just nothing...
    Eh... actually no... sometimes it gets worse :S but my college never closes :(
    Really!? Never!? Tea with clove and cinnamon? You are missing one of the best teas ever!
    Yeah! But it's a concern mostly when talking in person... yesterday I saw in the restaurant this nice couple (they looked like Barbie and Ken), and when they sat to eat... they spend most of the time
    checking their cellphones rather than talking...that is awkward!
    *wonder why my hair smells sweet and it's sticky*
    *growls and slowly walks to the sea of pillows* "C'mere, me beauty! Hehehe." *uses Gangplank's Raise Morale to move faster* (I don't play the game but my friend does...and I like Gangplank)
    Talking about that place... the way how Origins described what happened to the cubone's mom made me sad :( Do you know this website? http://www.creepypasta.com
    *brings melted ice cream with a devilish laugh thinking how nice the walls will look with some "paint"*
    No problemo! :)
    Thanks! Everybody is happy and good here now :D Thanks for asking! Hope everything is good at home!
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