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  • OMG, no need to worry about me! I am in the exact same situation right now! I totally forgive you, if you'll forgive me? ;w;
    Hi! I'm happy you were able to vm me sometime :D
    It's alright. I even forget to come here sometimes since I'm still not really active here other than talking to people on the forum :<
    Aww, it's fine :3
    *trips and falls because of a crumbling cookie someone left on the floor*
    That is fun! Just be careful! Too much food transforms people into Snorlax (me last year) lol
    Don't worry, I appreciate your personal opinion :) I'm easygoing with anything you can say (except saying you don't have more cookies!)... We know many people are over-sensitive, but I'm not :)
    "pretty well-versed" I love that expression!
    Yes... last year I came home after Christmas just to find a 3 foot tall mountain of snow covering the driveway (and of course, the car is not a snowmobile to ride on the snow) so I had top shovel it (at 3 a.m.) nice, right? :p
    *sees something black floating in the tea*...It is clove!
    Awkwardness, yes. But I don't feel Awkward talking to you, no problemo! :D
    *thinks he has dandruff but it doesn't smell like chocolate*
    *take the chocolate chips out of the cookies and targets your hair with an innocent smile* Revenge!! 0:)
    oh!!! creepy pastas are great! Have you ever read the one about Lavender town listening to its theme? Cool!
    *I ask: now, what is for dessert?" o_o
    Thanks, I say you online yesterday. Sorry I didn't reply but I fell asleep trying to do so. My apologies. Too many cookies made me sleepy!
    Weather doesn't have any impact on Body Slam. I doubt anyone would run Body Slam on Venusaur anyway. I just brought it up as an example of an illegal combination of moves and abilities.
    If you're good enough by yourself, you can carry the team
    Not very haha :p
    Yeah it's a bit inconsistent. It's pretty perfect at the moment TBH.
    Yep, it's so relaxing
    Yep it happens a lot. Awww well that sucks, you should just let it play out IMO.
    True, close to it though! XD
    Oh yeah, it's making me warm thinking about it.
    When you find the right person (or just someone you're attracted to) you could cuddle them for hours.
    Haha yes! Or they use very inappropriate language (which I sometimes join in on for the fun xD)
    That's actually happened before, but I forgave her because she was an amazing person.
    They are, so warm.
    Really? Interesting, maybe you haven't had the true sensation of an amazing cuddle then.
    Yeah exactly! And then you're in the lobby afterwards and they're all having a go at each other.
    Haha yep yep xD
    Same, those can hurt :/ I just like the soft one where the girl rests her head on my chest and puts her arms around my neck. I love cuddling too :3
    nothing wrong with nornal glalie, but its mega forme looks like its lower jaw is dislocated and droops down so its look like its mouth is always wide open.
    Well I suppose, but still haha. Face your fears and everything will turn out okay!
    Oh okay haha xD
    Thanks so much c: Don't mention it! D'aww thanks cutie *hugs*
    It actually is, my bad :p
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