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  • Good :D
    You don't even like it yet you're playing it? Why?!
    Oh really? That's so sweet of you! *blushes* I think you're an amazing person :)
    Yep it can get pretty boring....
    yes i am lucky; i just get a email from nintendo with a code for the deom one day for it. you can transfer glalie and some items.
    No worries, but I still think you're smart.
    Ahh so you're doing it competitively now? Cool! Better start then!
    I'm not that nice, I just think you're awesome, so you deserve it!
    My day was pretty boring TBH, how about you? c:
    No I bet you are really smart :) Like straight A smart
    Don't worry, I'm the same. Talking to people and watching Marvel movies or YouTube are my obsessions :p
    Haha don't worry I agree with you.
    Don't mention it! I give everyone compliments if they deserve it!
    *brings more cookies and "leafy" tea*
    You do it? really! that's cool! :D
    Being brainwashed? What do you mean? ... well, from what I feel many of "us" have become aggressive rather than analytical, do you agree? :S
    You are very smart doing so! (I did the same, lol) Well, what can I say? Most of people were raised with those ideas (including us) but only few realize the non existent relationship between morality and religion... @_@
    hey! Pirate costumes are great and make us look "georgeous"! lol :D
    Shovelling snow id fun :D but not that much! :S
    *chomps more cookies*
    yeah! well, talking too much is not bad (I guess so)
    ouch! *eats the crumbs*
    You're welcome! Enjoy your weekend (and don't read horror stories, lol) *hands you the other half* Thanks, you are very nice and you deserve all the cookies.
    Take care!
    Yeah but so can I. I bet you're super smart.
    You should still get some well deserved sleep though.
    Oh are they? Haha didn't observe that :p
    That was meant as a compliment (but weirdly said), so the question mark was probably necessary xD
    Haha I'm not that wise! You're probably way smarter than me :)
    Awwww I'm sorry that you haven't had some good rest.
    Damn, assignments all round.
    At least you're cute >w<
    *nibbles one cookie and waits until CitrusHoney is distracted to hide another cookie in his pocket* o_0
    haha! it's nit bad after all if you take some cookies, a horror story and a flashlight while hiding under the blankets! :D lots of fun!
    Really? I guess there are not many of us out there... I became a soulless soul when I was 13. That's true if you are in a regular school, which I don't mind... the problem was looking for excuses to don't go to mass every Friday morning at the school's chapel, but my parents were very supportive, my dad would drive me late to school so I can skip the sermons (Love you dad! :D)... you want to start a club? Let's grab our pirate costumes and go outside to tell the world about the almighty Flying Spaghetti Monster!
    Do you love snow? Ok, let's switch houses! You are going to love shovelling 3 feet of snow in January! :P
    Thank you :D *goes crazy and turns blue*
    It was nice talking to you yesterday too! :D Sorry if I was too "talkative" >_<
    Thank you :D But I'm not caring care of myself! lol.
    Have a nice day! *feels bad and returns the cookies he was keeping in his pocket*
    No Venusaur coming from Gen 3 can have Chlorophyll. Hidden abilities were introduced in Gen 5, where there was no move tutor for Body Slam.
    They are wise haha :p
    That's good :) I did, I had stayed up until 3am but still got some good sleep.
    My day was alright, had maths to do though and was given two new assignments :( How about you?
    Of course I forgive you. I can understand everyone has more important things to attend to outside of SPPf.

    Yeah, Chlorophyll is pretty much the ability of choice on Venusaur, unless you're running certain transfer only moves that can't be used with Chlorophyll, like Body Slam or Weather Ball.
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