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  • Yeah I'll definitely have to remember to add aim to my phone it's been a long time. You haven't missed anything though lol. How's the job stuff going?
    Well hey there CJ! Merry Christmas an happy New Year to you too. Sorry I haven't talked to you in awhile. I got a cell and aim just became ancient history lol
    yeah well with all my exams and what not now I beat the elite four but thats all the further I got. I would like to beat the other gym leaders before black & white come out.
    As for my team that I told you about last time, it blew chunks all over the e4! :( I had to redo it because it was doing so terribly!
    Yeah thanks happy new year to you as well. Um yeah I am somewhere in the cave now and I will beat it by today. My winter quarter is going pretty good too so I'll be on here occasionally. You could aim me if you ever wanted too I just put that on here recently.
    Lol actually I just made my way to victory road and because of the gifts that were in need of wrapping I had to cease gameplay and be Santa's helper lol.

    Maybe beating the Elite4 will be another thing I'll get tomorrow!
    well right now I'm using roselia, torkoal, xatu, frosslass, donphan, and omastar XD so basically idk what I'm doing
    Ah Lanturn? That is a rather neat pokemon although not exactly the easier to win battle tower ribbons with. Well I'm making my way to the E4 now and I must say the nostalgia is really thick. I mean I can even remember some of the trainers names and their Pokemon are almost the same!
    No it's not that Diamond is my favorite game I actually enjoy Leafgreen and Soul Silver the best it's just that Diamond has all my teams on it..
    Yeah that sounds like an interesting yet challenging goal.. May I ask what pokemon it is because I feel that that has alot to do with the level of challenge
    Yeah I got HG and SS she's playing HG right now... I can't believe I'm admitting this but I've been playing Diamind so much I haven't beat the E4 in SS! As for Ev's I FINALLY understand them. Yeah idk maybe I had to get another year older to understand the concept lol. How are you though?
    Well I'm hanging in there hey I got my girlfriend into playing pokemon so I can start up with her when the new one comes out! I'm slowing starting to learn about pokemon however I dont know how to keep track of ev's still I wish I did!
    ive been working alot so if we cant trade tomorrow. monday we can definetly trade. just give me a time
    well i have to work today but i should be home later tonight and tomorrow if u wanted to trade. im on eastern time as well.
    my fc is 528529351321. im actually looking for a turtwig now so if you had one that would be great but if not thats ok
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