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  • I hate you. ;~; I need to get an A or a B in calc and an A or a B on the exam to get a B for the semester, an A in German and an A on the exam for an A for the semester, and an A in Art History and an A on the exam (though that one will probably be a bit easier...) to get an A for the semester. If I maintain As in my other three classes as well, I only have to get a C or higher on those exams to maintain an A... and yes, I have a facebook... but I can't friend you because my parents would murder me. D:
    Bleh... I have to work hard this quarter... x__x this is always how it happens. I die in 3rd quarter and get really bad grades and then I have to get my rear in gear and catch up 4th quarter... :< Hopefully I can pull out an A in all my classes except calc and get a B in calc, then get straight As on my exams... yeah... I'll have fun with that. :c I have a 3.6 because I did even crappier than now in 9th grade, which kinda pisses me off 'cause those classes were stupid easy in comparison to these. D:<
    It's going... eh. I'm getting a C in AP Calc :c but everything else is either an A or a B... and I'll hopefully be able to pull out a B for the semester in Calc. I don't wanna go to OSU dammit ;~;
    I've been okay, I guess. My grades could be better... but I can't do much about most of them now... Also, if we're the same age... you'd be a senior now... I'm a Junior. Who should be a Sophomore... technically... albeit a very old Sophomore.
    :eek: You're in college?!? Man, I thought we were the same age. xD I need to stop assuming these things :< So how is college?
    As a result of inactivity between May 30 and the time of this message, your claim on Torkoal on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    OMG! Happy Day! I just happened to decide to creep on friends' pages on your birthday! Happy Birthday Doggy!!! <3
    *stalks* (wary) pffffft i'm not creeping on your every move... that'd be creepy... hehehehe... XD loljk
    :< We...didn't really talk much on chat... lol. On Saturday, i'm gonna PC you and we gonna talk and talk and talk. I can see it now. (wary) lol
    truth. for the record, I have 12 best friends because I really dont meet many people... Xd and in case you were wondering, you are on the list :3 aaaand now i gotta go take a shower so expect me on chat in like 20-35 minutes (I try to take short showers, I really do, but I lose track of time sometimes and start singing and... yeah ^___^'')
    okay now you sound creepily like that friend of mine lol except for the part about me, which, by the way, is unnecessary, because I know I'm better than her... loljk what I really mean is I dont mind being second to someone. Xd Especially with girlfriends and boyfriends. I have like 3 best friends in my home town and for all of them I'm second to somebody, but i feel like that's fair because I have like 12 friends who I love all equally and most of them live out of my state. XD so yeah, dun worry about me being a lower priority than your girlfriemd or your other friends for that matter. One, I'm used to it. Two, I'm around often, and maybe some of your other friends aren't. So I guess what Im trying to say is dont worry about designating me as less than your fave person ever 'cause I'm not about to get all up in arms about it, and the last thing I want is for you to feel any obligation to me. I mean, I'm excited you're back but I don't want to monopolize your time and now thos sounds like I'm not happy you're back which is totally untrue and now im just rambling so im gonna jist submit this and hope you'll comtinue your trend like my guyfriend and just laugh when you read this and get what im trying to say and... yeah. I'm really bad at this aren't I? ^__^'
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