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  • Posted in a thread that needed to be ignored, not replied to.

    It's since been moved to GPD where it can in fact be safely ignored, but still.
    Whyyyyy did you reply to that thread and validate the latest flawed synapse to erupt from that mind and vomit forth onto the Internet?
    Clamps, on Serenesforest, I noticed it saying that certain A-Support bonds from FE9 will affect the story of FE10. They say Ike and Soren is the most prominent. What are the others on the top of your head?

    Edit: Found answer, but if I may ask you this, what is the deal with the
    What do you gain? What is the best strategy?
    Should we be using spoiler tags then?

    If I may ask you, what are some of the worst pairings ever where no children are really benefit. Maybe there are pairings that gives you no blood or abilities from the father.
    So there is no absolute way to set Holy War to meet the "canonical requirements" of Tharcia 776?
    Since you know your Fire Emblems, I have some questions for you.

    So in Tharcia 776, Levin is considered the father of Fee and Sety, right?

    Are there any other canonical pairings from Holy War? Do Delmud and Nanna really have different parents, or is that speculation?
    It seemed good in my head, but I don't know the games too well, so that's why I asked. Thank you for being frank, though. It's good to have it in perspective now.
    Clamps, knowing how honest you would be, would it make feasible sense (as in how awesome or not so awesome) if Intelligent Systems created an enhance remake of 4 & 5 to where it would be 4 Gen 1 -> 5 -> 4 Gen 2 in that order in one game?

    It sounded like an interesting idea for those games (like an epic of sorts), but I never played those two.
    Clamps, if you know about the FE: Gen of the Holy War game, I wanted to ask you something. Does the said game have "the bachelor effect" that Awakening had? In other words, are there more potential fathers than mothers.

    Also, could I just do what the guide says, but replace the last two pairings with Tiltyu: Azel and Brigid: Holyn (on the best pairings chart)?
    What? So long as you aren't an idiot who buys things on impulse, or you actually know how to look out for fakes, you likely won't get cheated.
    Exaaaaactly why I espouse the advice that I do on this particular board. *cough*
    Heya Clamps. I'm going down my friends list and trying to reconnect with everyone who I knew or who I at least thought would remember me. I've been gone for...Gosh, an awfully long time. Things have changed, but it's nice to see some (hopefully) friendly faces!
    There would have been riots if a SRW game was released with dub actors. Just saying.
    If thousands of Internet elite all whine about the same thing and no one gives a damn, do they still make a sound?
    Why does everyone always try to play the victim when they don't get what they want?
    Because INTERNET, DAMMIT. That's why.
    The only thing I'm disappointed about at all with the Pokedex 3D Pro is that some of the animations are pretty clearly ripped straight from the older games. Ampharos and Sudowoodo are obviously still using their Stadium 2 animations, to name a few.
    How/why in the hell does someone remember this
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