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    The definition of fun is always the opposite of the current state of things. Didn't you take Pessimism 101?
    My definition of fun simply doesn't involve some of the complete lack of common sense and decency that went on in those threads.

    And no, it was Advanced Theory of Pessimism, weisenheimer.
    She didn't defect when I played the chapter. I used her primarily to fend of Wyvern Riders. As for her father, I used Ike to initiate an attack, and then I used Reyson to rejuvenate Ike to land a finishing blow before he would heal. After the chapter, Ike apologized to Jill about her fathers defeat, and that was the end of it.

    If she didn't defect in Chapter 20, I see no reason to think that she is just going to defect later on. In that case, I don't think I really need a backup save file in the case I might lose her.

    I would like to thank you though.
    Hey Clamps, if you don't mind me asking you, do you know the exact conditions of Jill defecting in Path of Radiance? I could use her an extensive amount on Chapter 20, but I could just use someone else against her father, if I just need to keep here away from an adjacent space.
    Is psychoanalyze even a word? Lol, so your nice to people when ur not online then?
    people arent retarded and thats abit of a harsh word to use,alot of children use this site so there is going to be some comments made on threads that come across as irrelevant
    Why, you seem to me like you have had issues with people in the past and thats why you are the way your being.from what ive seen you come across to me as a smart person ,you dont need to be niice to people but it does help as you need others from time to time when you have low times which we all have.I dont want to fall out with you or other people on here
    Well if you think my opinion is wrong then you carry on believeing so. You are arguing with me over something petty its about time you dropped the attitude and started being nicer to people on here because from what ive seen your just on here to piss people off
    Explain to me why I was trolling? I was voicing my opinion on club Nintendo, whats wrong with that
    You do realize how stupid that is, right?
    You do realize to whom you were responding, right?
    That's pretty much the library of 3DS games I have. Except Sonic Generations is replaced with PilotWings Resort (First 3DS game I got).

    I feel like an idiot for my comments in 2007. I used to be immature and such. I wish there was some way to revert that.
    The 3DS is a great system. I had mixed opinions on it, first, as I'm not a big fan of the DS games in general. I was surprised when playing 3D Land, though.

    What games do you have for it?
    Want to trade 3DS friendcodes? Mine is 3737 9532 1328 and I tried to register yours from the 3DS fc thread, but it said it was not valid. Maybe you should retype it?
    I thought everybody read the entire thread. I know I usually read most of the posts before I give my own input.

    Anyway, no harm, no foul.
    Before you posted any of those comments I posted, clarifying for those people that I was joking.

    I don't know how you missed that.
    Why would you think it's not real?
    I am more used to mythical Tanukis. You know, leaf umbrellas, magic jewels, that sort of thing. Sometimes I forget there are real life tanukis as well. Mythical tanukis probably derived from real ones.
    You need to teach me the ways of leveling in Runescape :S Dragon Slayer awaits me having 40 in all three melee stats (Currently 30 Attack, 10 Strength, 12 Defence, 43 Prayer and 47 Magic)
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