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    Nintendo Switch: Nintendo's Next Hardware - SOURCE ALL NEWS/RUMORS

    Yes, all save data is saved to the console, not the game card.
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    Classic SNES Mini

    Yeah, except for the places not taking preorders, like TRU. And apparently very few of Gamestop's supply went towards preorders, though I trust Gamestop about as much as I trust Nintendo on these.
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    Classic SNES Mini

    I'll probably get one of these, scalpers be damned. The only thing it's missing that I'd personally want is Dream Land 3, but a Japanese copy of that is relatively cheap so I'll probably grab one of those instead of the absurd $90-$100 the US release is going for. Don't see why that'd make it...
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    Fire Emblem Series! - Remember your spoiler tags!

    It still might, they're still doing DLC so there are more updates coming, and if they do add compatibility I'd be willing to bet they'll wait until the Corrin amiibo is released and add compatibility for both at the same time.
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    What to do with old cards?

    You could always sell them to card shops that buy bulk commons/uncommons. You're not going to get what they actually go for (probably less than $0.05-$0.10 per card), but it's the only way you'll realistically get rid of them all outside of giving them away. Just remember to do price checks on...
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    Have you ever broken your Nintendo game/console?

    Nephew punched the screen of my Wii U Gamepad after losing a game during a Splatfest. Needless to say he doesn't touch my stuff anymore.
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    Video Tropes vs Women in Video Games

    Honestly, I've never much liked Anita Sarkeesian. She cherrypicks her examples extremely often, and straight up ignores things she doesn't like when they don't support her ideas. Like the fact that far, far more men are background decoration. You could argue that every single unnamed male NPC...
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    amiibo Thread

    The Animal Crossing track's music was playing at first, but they changed it to Big Blue on Thursday.
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    amiibo Thread

    Gotta say, the Ike amiibo is really impressive. At first I thought the shoulder guard was just splotched paint, but then I looked at him ingame and the actual marks on the ingame model are represented as dents in the amiibo. Shame about the face, though.
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    amiibo Thread

    Except for the fact that that's wrong. They're all usable in Smash Bros, and they may or may not have uses in games that are actually relevant to them, like Mario character Amiibo in Mario Party 10, Zelda related Amiibo in Hyrule Warriors, and even random amiibo getting compatibility with Namco...
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    Smash Brothers for Nintendo Switch (and others)

    The entire reason he left HAL was because he was sick of making sequels. He left after Air Ride, just so you know. He also said that Melee was his final Smash Bros game, and was completely blindsided by Iwata at E3 2005 when a Smash Bros for the Revolution was announced, and hadn't even agreed...
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    amiibo Thread

    And yet putting the Smash Bros ones out first was the quickest and easiest way to get amiibo for MANY different nintendo-owned franchises out all at once, without needing to do a Mario series, a Zelda series, a Pokemon series, etc. Which is the primary reason they did it this way.
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    Nintendo Direct Thread

    Spike Spencer, hopefully. For real consistency.
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    Nintendo Direct Thread

    Still holding out on N64 Wii U virtual console news.
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    What is your favorite 2014 Wii U Game?

    Hyrule Warriors, it's really amazing how many things I still have left to do considering I've already sunk 200+ hours into the game.