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  • what :|

    That's exactly what I wanted! Hope you like my new sig.
    I love it! <3

    So funny how you bolded the letters IF You Seek Amy :p
    I'm 100% serious D:

    It's the first time it's happend to me :S
    Was really weird xD
    I can even scan you a copy of my medical certificate~ ;D
    Thankies! ^^

    I was getting bored of Lickilicky xD
    I saw Combee & I was like omg, People call me B so why not?

    Lawl. I just ate whole box of Choc chip cookies D:
    Gawd, what makes those things so addictive?
    Nowhere in the ingredients section does it say 'Zac Efron Cum' : O
    My Prerogative: Greatest Hits
    For a greatest hits album, it sure missed some awesome songs of hers xD
    (Heart, I will still love you, and then we kiss & Shadow to name a few)
    That's a good start though :p
    I'm glad you're gonna buy it ^^

    Honestly, the cover sucks, but every Britney cover (minus 'In the zone' & 'Britney') sucked anyway~ x___x At least its mature-ish. lol. Contrary to popular belief, not all Brit fans want to see her strip on every album cover -_-

    It seems much more mature, and I'm glad she was involved in the writing process this time! I think the songs that Britney writes herself often turn out to be her best O_O
    (Everytime, Someday...and now My Baby, if you seek Amy & shattered glass...)
    Can't waiiiiiiiit!!!
    Hey Ketcho! What's happening? I heard on the radio that Britney is going feature as the main character in a new movie which is a biography of her life. It'll include stuff about her hair-shaving and court settlements. Should be exciting! :D
    Not true : )
    But she is releasing a documentary-kinda-thingy called 'For The Record' where she'll discuss the past year & stuff! (3oth Nov on MTV)

    BTW, Brits new album tracklist and cover have been officially announced!

    Official Circus Tracklist
    1. Womanizer
    2. Circus
    3. Out From Under
    4. Kill The Lights
    5. Shattered Glass
    6. If U Seek Amy
    7. Unusual You
    8. Blur
    9. Mmm Papi
    10. Mannequin
    11. Lace and Leather
    12. My Baby
    Bonus Track:
    13. Radar

    There are some titles that I really wasn't expecting to ever see on a Brit album xD
    They sound more mature, FINALLY! But we'll see...
    Haha, we know there will be at least 2 ballads! (<3 Britney ballads)
    her next single is confirmed to be 'Circus'.
    O, and say the title 'If You Seek Amy' aloud 3X fast. lmao. Geddit? xD

    And here's the cover : )
    Sh!t, I know. But Jive sucks with album covers anyway -__- lol
    Plus I think it suits the 'Circus' theme well : ) She looks beautiful~
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