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  • Im obssessed with all the champion battle music.. Somtimes it sounds dark and intense or just intense. Its amazing
    Ohhh i do that too lol. It is very fun and time consuming if you dont feel like waiting for something.

    Do some of the pokemon games' music intruigue(did i spell that right) you?
    I already beat the game lol. Once i beat it i dont ever restart until there's another game coming after it.. hence heartgold and soulsilver. Once i have possesion of those games then ill restart platinum so i can transfer all my pokemon to hg or ss. ^__^;

    What about you?
    No probs, i really meant it. if you wanna get better i suggest you read more about the moves and try to know which ones are physical attacks and which ones are special attacks. also look at the pokemon stats in the pokedex if your not sure as well, just doing these things will help your rating and stop you getting flamed. like one mistake you made in the psychic thread is that you reccomend shadow ball on kadabra. shadow ball is a physical attack, kadabra attack is 35 its special attack is 120 so giving it shock wave instead of shadow ball will do a lot more damage. things like that you need to know if you dont already. keep at it, use as much pokemon as you can so you'll know what works and what doesnt by you own experience, and you'll get better.
    Don't take it personally, there have been a lot of bad raters around and sadly you are one of them. However, I would suggest that you lurk around a bit more and study up on movesets before posting. Read this, it helped me to become a good rater and hopefully it might help you too. No offence, but the advice you give at present is crap.
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