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  • Hi, sorry if this is the third message you have from me, just that my pms don't show as sent. I have an ice safari with Cloyster and I need a mawile. My fc is 1736-1128-9448. Theres also Snover, Bergmite in there pm me back an ok if you want to add ^_^.
    You'll need to clean your PM box, it's full, so I will reply you here ;)

    Thank you Claudia*, I wish a Happy New Year too, full of happiness, joy, fun, love, and Pokémon too xD
    Yeah, I understand, I'll stay with my family too, but since they can't stay awake after 1 AM, I believe I won't be absent for too long hahaha
    And it's nice that your mom is better, I'm very protective about my mother, so I can understand your concern ^^
    I never met anyone too, actually, I never even travel in a plane xD. I only have been in Argentina for a short while (my mom is from a town that makes border with Argentina). But I'd would love to travel to Europe, and I must confess, even before knowing that you're Belgian, I have a interest in knowing about many countries in Europe (with few exceptions, like Russia xD). So sooner or later, maybe we can meet ^^
    Anyway, Happy New Year again, and see you later ;D
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