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  • That could be because I use invisible mode here, unless you're talking about MSN, which... yeah, I'm not on terribly often--and on which I also often use invisible mode. X3;
    Awww thanks! My fics aren't that great! Though I must say, my better fics are on SPPf, if ya like romance humour. I just find those genres to be my forte though I can write other genres too. =D

    Aw, don't feel embarrassed. Your writing's just fine. I've been a fanfic author since 2006 though, but that's not the important factor.
    XDDDD I'm naughty, am I? =P LOL, I'm sure your fic is fine. For some reason, I get more wussed out on posting on FF.net rather than SPPf... Probably because fics are more likely to be ignored on FF.net than SPPf ones... A link would be great. You can send one if you want, I don't mind.

    And go us New Zealanders! XD
    I'm a bad girl! I need to message my fellow New Zealander more! =D

    So Mel-Girl bops up at your visitor message wall. XD And ooh, you're getting into writing, that's awesome
    Quite fine, thanks. Though I'm having a fever, and so I'm feeling pretty sick. :(

    A while ago I posted a twin request here. =3 Hoping to get a twin soon. =^_^=

    Oh, and as you can see on my profile, my birthday will be soon. =) Then 13.9. Platinum will come to shops and 11.9 (I recall) I'll start to study Japanese (having a Japanese class). :)

    How about you?
    I live in Invervegas. Otherwise unfairly named as the "Ass of the south". We didn't get anything from the storm, it was actually cloudy all week.

    Looks who laughing now

    If you mean my post count, yeah, I have. ^_^

    136 posts + the many many posts that I have posted on the newbie section + the club posts + the games posts + few other posts. That's a lot, I think. :p

    Although, I have 306 VM:s and compared to it, my post count posts aren't so much.
    For me Cyrus is the hardest trainer I have fought against (not counting the old days when I was little and didn't know anything about types etc. :p). I had to use reviers and max. reviers (that I almost never use,'cos they're rare) I just and just managed to beat him. Well, it's really nice to have a really hard battle and finally win it. ^_^ BTW, it would be "awesome" if Cyrus had more/better Pokemons in Platinum. :p I can't wait for it.

    About me vs Cynthia. If Garchomp's Dragon Rush (I think that's the move) hadn't missed I would have losted for Cynthia. The battle went like this way: First was easy then was really hard and at the end it was easy again.

    BTW, usually when I write Cyrus's name I accidentally write it as Curys. ^_^'
    I was reading quotes from Youtube when I noticed this: "...cyrus is one tough cookie if you don't know what you are doing." I laughed when I read it. :p It (the quote) is about battling against Cyrus (Team Galactic's leader) on the Spear Pillar.
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