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Last Activity:
Jan 16, 2018
Oct 22, 2011
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Shiny hunter :), from TARDIS

Claus351 was last seen:
Jan 16, 2018
    1. Fissurous
      Hi, for future reference please use the format for posts in the Friend Safari thread. Thanks!
    2. *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      hows the johto sr goin?
    3. Claus351
      i cant even remember a time when i didn't have a 3ds looking back at this lol
    4. Claus351
      really? I'm supporting it as long as they make it on the normal DS as well. -.-
    5. Le_Juston
      you don't have a 3ds, yet ur supporting the making of a game for the 3ds. seems legit.
    6. cocoadragon
      gl with your hunt claus hope u get the one u wanted
    7. Claus351
      hey thanks :D gl on all ur hunts ppl :)
    8. Floette
      Congratulations on the Cottonee!
    9. Claus351
      all righ thanks, I don't remember seeing a post about that.
    10. *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      *PKMN Trainer Paddy*
      Wanna be friends, and the community mm is starting in september, dragonitor posted about it yesterday, 6 pokemon were chose from a random number thingy and we can vote for 2 each. Voting lasts until august 28th, the top 2 will be mmed, then in october we return to an re hunt. Pm dragonitor your votes
      only pms will count
    11. Claus351
      yeah sorry! the time zones are messed up. I think i've got it now though, i can be on around the same time you posted that I think...
    12. sizida
      Hey send me a private message if you see me on!

      Well I am online waiting for ya!
    13. Claus351
      Yeah I know right? I have my Volcarona do that. :P good luck! I just reached 400, but I'm nearing 500. but I had to spend all day working on a car. (Despite my age, I am ok at mechanics)
    14. Princess Raspberyl
      Princess Raspberyl
      So neither of us are doing so well 8D I'm almost at 180 now, so about to reach the 200 mark. Thank god for Laversta and Flame Body, this would be even more of a nightmare otherwise ^^;
    15. Claus351
      hmm. I'm almost at 400 :P I haven't had much time as we just got some new netflix stuff so we've been watching series and the like. I'll probably get my act together this afternoon :P and congrats. I've never been quoted quoted XD
    16. Princess Raspberyl
      Princess Raspberyl
      Yays! I've been quoted! :3 First time I've been quoted on Serebii 8D And how are ya doing with the Eevee hunt so far? :3 160 eggs for me with my Axew hunt so far, no luck. D:
    17. Claus351
      I was actually planning to XDD *edits sig * :P arg calming music my only weakness! muahah!! I love calming music. I play the piano too so thats a win :D
    18. Princess Raspberyl
      Princess Raspberyl
      You should totally quote what I just said in ya sig. 8D /just joking I have no headache medicine, but I have the power of calming music on my side! :D
    19. Claus351
      hahaha I totally love that!! :P its true though! break out the tylenol!! :P
    20. Princess Raspberyl
      Princess Raspberyl
      Makes no difference to me either way dood. :P May the person with the most sanity and tons of headache medicine and tolerance for hatching loads of eggs win! :P
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    Oh gosh my old description was pre-teen. eugh. Hi i'm Claus (i guess) i have a girlfriend of over 2 years now who lives on the other side of the country and im literally always tired because college is disgusting

    college, shiny hunting, enslaved to capitalism


    Copy/Paste this into your signature if you support a MOTHER 3 remake on the 3DS!-started by ToedandTrue

    Finished hunts:
    in no particular order: ;012; ;350; ;428; ;318; ;223; ;320; ;339; ;060; ;186; :570: ;312; ;311; ;230; ;405; :547: :596: ;373; ;444; ;039; ;417; ;197; ;133; :710: (Pumpkaboo) ;352; ;208; ;282; ;038; :550: ;149; ;041; ;363; ;384; ;419; ;098; ;135; ;263; (Greninja) ;302; x 2 (Sliggoo) ;470; ;054; ;341; :613:

    Friend Safari: Mawile, Snubbull and Floette ( blue flower) pm if interested :)

    send this 2 some1 u care about... or a skeleton will rattle his bones at u!