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Clay Psyduck
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  • Let us see.

    The fully evolved Water Starter.
    The fully evolved Dark cat.
    The Grass/Bug Pokemon that is fully evolved.
    The fully evolved turtle fossil.
    The Ice Mirror.
    Kyuremu-The Ice Dragon.
    Genesect- Got to love giant palezoic bugs with cannons on their back.

    Anyway, that was back when I first saw them. I just mark down which ones were my favorites, so it has changed since then. For example, I like the Fire Bug, and I don't know if I like the Ice mirror as much.
    I have to hand it to you, Clay Psyduck. Out of the 14 Pokemon I selected as my favorites for the fifth gen, you manage to put 5 (technically 6 if you include Zekrom) on your trainer card. The one that I didn't select is Kokoromori. Since I sort of like bats, I guess I like it.

    Edit: Yeah, I'm sorry. I just like to compliment others when they share some of the favorite Pokemon that I have.
    Ah. Very good, then. Thanks.

    Funny how much they play fast and loose with the romanizations, given that the katakana reads Ge-no-se-ku-tu.
    The name is officially Genesect, now, as far as I know.
    Can I inquire as to the source on this? Just curious.
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