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  • Hey I need the team. If you can't do it, I need the unfinished team and the shinies back. Let me know soon, or I'll need to take further action.
    No prob, good luck with team building! if you ever need a Pokemon to get started with (like a 5IV parent or etc), you can always ask me; I have boxes full of them ;]
    it's actually not a big deal anymore, I got my sets worked out last night and I'm pretty satisfied with the changes I made. people really don't expect some stuff haha. I'll be able to get my team formed in the time we agreed on :]
    if you want to push the date back for your purposes (i.e. if you need to train more or something), we can definitely do that, but I'll be ready when you are. looking forward to it!
    sounds good, I always thought battling on the 3DS is a lot more fun than battling on showdown anyway haha
    I won't be able to train an entire team in that time, though, (school's making me really busy) so I'll have to use some sets I already have. there'll be common moves but I'll change it up here and there and try to stick with our creative movesets negotiation as much as I can. Is that cool with you?
    hey there, stopping by again to ask a quick question - would you prefer battling on the 3ds or showdown?
    I can do both (even if I forget the password of my own showdown account I can use my brother's lmao), but if you want to do battles on 3DS then I'll have to use mostly common sets for uu, unfortunately :/
    It'd take too long to train pokemon for new sets, sorry! It's a real bummer to say this, especially considering how hyped we were about being creative and using alternate moves haha
    oh man but even though I don't really use standard sets in UU, in OU my team is like the most cookie cutter OU team ever lmao
    OU standard sets are usually effective, although in UU there's a lot of opportunities to experiment. that's what I like about it, even though I don't play it that often at all ;;
    haha yeah, let's do that. I'm up for the challenge; I'm not a fan of a lot of the standard UU sets anyway :p
    sounds good. I don't have a solid UU team yet so I'll have to make one in 2 weeks, but that can be done. looking forward to it!
    that'd be great :]
    I play OU almost exclusively now, however, so just a heads up! I also have two legends on my team - Lando-T and Latios - and I know you kinda dislike fighting against them so I want to notify you in advance about that. Battle Spot is a brutal place so I put them on every single one of my teams, pretty much. They're not perfect in IVs, though; Lando's missing SPA and some SpD iirc and Latios is missing some Atk and Def.

    as for setting up a time to battle, if we're both on and I have some free time available I'll send a battle req your way! how does that sound?
    it's no problem, really! I had some time to kill the past few days haha
    HP breeding is a pain in the butt, and Fire is one of the harder ones to get, but if I ever do get the right spread in the future I'll contact you about it if you want ;]
    I'll be available to trade both Oddish and Tympole today and the rest of this week; just notify me of when the time's good for you and we can take care of that.

    Yeah, fighting is a common type no matter what tier you're playing in. Part of it is because fighting-type moves are generally really good in terms of offense. It would be a bit hindering to have a normal type, because even thought it's a good defensive type it's a mediocre attacking type imo :/
    As for Ninetales, it would definitely be a nice choice. It's pretty versatile w/ SolarBeam access and can set up Drought, which will be useful once you get a Chlorophyll Bellossom. Rotom Fan also seems like a nice addition, since it can run the 2 attacks + Pain Split + Will-o-Wisp set. It's got pretty nice longevity that way! Your team looks like it's coming together really well, congratulations! GL in future battles
    I've been breeding Oddish for the past day and I'm not getting great results, unfortunately :/
    After hours of work the best I've bred is a Female Hidden Power Fire Run Away Oddish with this spread: X/30/31/30/31/30
    My luck's been bad for a while now, so I'm probably going to stop here for Oddish. Sorry! Would you still like it, though? It has perfect 30 IV's in Atk, SpA, and Spe so you can rebreed for a better HP Fire Oddish with it if you wish.

    As for your team, it seems interesting! Have you changed around anyone/switched up your strategy? I don't want to suggest anything until I know what you have and don't have haha
    I'm stopping by to tell you that I have Tympole bred! It's a sassy female w/ water absorb, and it actually has 6IVs! you got lucky ;]
    I'll be working on Oddish soon, so you can expect it done in a few days (considering HP Fire). How's your team coming together? c:
    hey, I've got some free time today so I'll be test breeding for your pokemon in a bit!
    you didn't tell me what ability you wanted for tympole, though. I have access to all three, so pick whichever one will be more useful to you
    lol and its up to you no worries i have tons of eevees still anyway its like a army but marills are like the main army atm XD I been trying to get a shiny since x and y was out still have alot on my y version to hatch still so it may be there just never got to it lol anyway just let me know if you see my green light is on. Ill be on and off today so just shoot me a message when ready.
    nah its not really that of a big deal though i could do it today since i didn't have to work today XD its up to you and I love how people call me dude XD it makes me feel like im a male lol sorry just sounds funny for me when im a girl :p no worries though I find it funny not insulting or anything ;)
    breeding hp fire froakies right now for my trade shop but i can sneak in a trade right now if you are available to trade? Ill get the eevee out now if you need it...
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