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  • hey cleft you still need that eevee i still have it forgot about my thread lol the one that gave free giveaways
    Late reply, sorry! I had more things happening today than I expected. Spent most of my morning at the airport with my dad to pick up my aunt and uncle from their trip, and then afterwards I had to go on some errands with my mom, so my day's been pretty busy haha

    But yeah, I've gotten you registered! My FC is 5000-4000-2564 and my IGN is KB3. Looking forward to seeing you on X/Y/OR/AS.
    As for your team, I replied to your PM. I totally understand you on that; I try not to use popular Pokemon too much either, but frankly, sometimes you really have to. I play Free Battles, so there are legends everywhere, and you've gotta be prepared for them at the very least. That's why I use psuedo-legends on my teams.
    For Rated Battles, though, I think you can get through with a team that's not even completely OU. It really depends on your playstyle and how good you are, not how good the Pokemon are, so you shouldn't have too much of a problem there :]
    ill try and make that time but if i cant ill message you telling you why and ill try and set up another time. Take care man
    Cool, let's exchange FCs sometime then! I'll be going offline in a bit, but I'll still be on SPPf tomorrow and we can do business then :]
    And yeah, I do. I still need to farm some more BP, because I recently spent around 200BP on just Choice items alone (I like having a large collection of them lmao), but once I win a few more battles I'll be able to teach your Pokemon some stuff until your bud finally beats the E4 :p
    Hmmm. Have you possibly had a name change? Because I think I do remember talking to you before, now that I think about it.

    But anyways, that sounds good! Hope you have luck on your side in any upcoming battles! 6th gen is great to get back into competitive battling again, because even though everything's a lot more overwhelming thanks to Mega Evolution, the metagame is a whole lot of fun and breeding is a lot easier now so getting battle-ready Pokemon together is much faster haha.
    Actually, if you find yourself in need of egg moves/certain bred Pokemon you can totally shoot me a VM! I recently got my complete competitive collection transferred to OR/AS and I'm finishing up my trade page. I can give you a free 5IV Pokemon if you want, think of it as a gift for a friend ;]
    3 YEARS AGO WOW, that explains it. I remember being a pretty loyal SPPf member that long ago, haha. But I left two years ago iirc, and I'm guessing it's the same for you? Serebii just kinda lost its appeal for me :/
    But hey, what do you think? Are you going to stay active for a bit longer, since you just came back a few months ago?
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