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  • doing pretty good, how about you? c:
    also, this may sound a bit rude and I apologize in advance if it does but have we ever really talked before? I'm not as active on Serebii like I used to be, and now I just stick around on the Trade forums, so I might've forgotten a few people, unfortunately :/
    Don't be that way with me, young man. If you actually took the time to read my post, you will see that I never said my growlithe has any perfect IVs, much less 4-5 perfect IV. More than once. I said they are not IV-bred and that their IV are random (Not perfect IV. Random.) in the eggmove trading thread AND in this conversation. I just found out three growlithe have a single perfect IV in HP because you asked me nicely me to check their IV. I've repeatedly said that my clauncher has from two to five perfect IV in this conversation.

    You just set yourself up for disappointment, boy. And looked like someone who did not double-checked before posting. I'll let yer off the hook, through- you probably got too excited.

    I'll give you IV-HP 4EM growlithe and a 4 IV clauncher per to your request. You can give me anything in return.
    You are correct: I am trying to get rid of my rejects. I am simply trying to see if I could have someone else's rejects (for eggmoves or IV) as to shorten my work, or have an pokemon that is not in my pokedex for the 'dex completion.

    I only have three growlithes that has a single perfect IV- and it's in HP. Clauncher, I have way more perfect IVs. You can have your pick of the lot- 2 IV, 3 IV, 4 IV. There might be 5 IV: I'll need to check but I'm keeping my 5 IVs for another 5 IV rejects. Anything less, however, I'll give them to ya.

    If you don't have eggmoves, if you don't have any IV bred rejects or don't have a pokemon that I don't have in my dex (I'm too lazy to "catch'em all" and level up all of them, okay? XD I just put my energy in IV-breeding now), it's fine, I will still give you the growlithe and an Clauncher (but 4 IV to an maximum.)

    I'll set up a perfect HP I, 4-eggmove growlithe for you. Just tell me the number of IV you want on your clauncher and I'll set 'em up for you (THey are almost all modest, but not all of them have perfect IV in sp.attack), and I'll set it up for ya. I can nickname them if you want to.

    I'll be gone all day long tomorrow due to an family reunion at an place that doesn't have WIFI, so the trade has to happen tonight, or the day after tomorrow.
    I can go and check for IVs on a couple of growlithes but I promise nothing.

    I only have rejet Claunchers and Marills, at least for the moment. The number of perfect IV varies. I have 2, 3, 4 and 5 IV on Claunchers, but only 2, 3 and 4 IV on Marills.

    In fairness, I'd like to know what you can offer me. Just be honest- chances are I will give them to you even if you have nothing.
    Summary: Growlithes- I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH of them.
    Long story: I reaaaaally want to get rid of them but I didn't want my rejects to go to waste. So to answer your question... Yeah. Do keep in mind that they are of random nature, and IS NOT IV bred. Your chances of getting one that has a perfect IV is dubious at best. Genders... I think I have roughly half male, half females.

    Egg moves: I have a couple with Morning Sun, Close combat, Covet annnnd what else? WHAT DO I HAVE? Iron tail! I do have a few that only has Morning Sun, Iron Tail and Close combat.

    Oh, and I have many Clauncher and Marill rejects that I'm breeding for IVs. I probably have a few that has 2, 3, 4 and 5 IV (The two last are rare, so if you have rejects from IV breeding I'd like to have them~). They don't have egg moves, sadly XD
    OK, my FC is 1607-1814-4768
    I have two pokemon on X with the mega stones, I'll trade them to you for two of your random pokemon, then you trade the two to my AS and I'll give you a random pokemon and 1 shiny in return?
    Is that OK?
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