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    I just successfully chained a shiny phanpy. :) . I didnt get the chance to get multiple because my chain broke shortly after, but at least i got one.
    sure pm me about any shinys you have and i have three different ones to choose from i was trying to make the perfect one for myself. but i tell you what you will end up with kabuto even if you only had a starly
    I am not sure if you got my PM, but I have the Shiny Abra ready now. Well, I need your friend code to trade it to you. Don't worry about the offer Pokemon, a good TM that's hard to get will do.
    Ok...i made the mistake of continuing to chain got to 48 and ran into a starly. So that means the race is on! ( but later, im really going to sleep this time lol)
    Haha well im starting to think that. Well im going to leave my ds on and go to sleep. Ill try and reset more tommorow. Ill let you know if i catch one.
    I just got a chain of 40 shinx. How many times did you have to reset the pokeradar before you found a shiny patch?
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