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  • Now, the SID is something I might be able to help with. Do you have a randomly caught shiny, or at least four chained? I can give you a really helpful video if you'd like.
    Ok what you've gotta do when you get your seed results, is right click on the one you want (hopefully the top one) and select "Calculate Poketch taps" That should tell you how many taps for each. Heads or tails, it doesn't matter.
    Oh, alrighty. What is it about the coin flip thing that you don't understand? I might be able to explain it.

    I just have revolting luck when it comes to chaining. XD But thanks for the site, it explained some things I didn't know about chaining.
    Thankyou for your welcome and assistance! But I know exactly how to chain, I just had bad luck. My chains seem to break for no reason, and I get really nervous while chaining. So RNG's the way for me. :D

    Hmm, it works fine for me and a lot of people I know. If you tell me a bit more, I might be able to help you figure out why it dosen't work.
    Hey dude, that sucks, your game corrupted? How did that happen? I've lost 4 shinies from corrupted games, but that's because they were from ebay... I just re-hunted a shiny Whismur to avenge 2 that got deleted.
    Yep. I've been SRing on and off since late September of last year. I lost count after 12, 413... or around there, anyway. I don't know an accurate way to measure the amount of SRs, I just do #of minutes * 2, since that's how many times I can reset in sixty seconds. Unfortunately I forgot to check the clock when a SR session was broken by a fencing class I'd completely forgotten about, so I have no idea where I'm at now. *exhales*

    I had better luck with my Shinx attempt though...! My first chained Shiny at a lucky chain of exactly 20. =3 I assure you I had to close my eyes several times to convince myself I wasn't seeing things.

    ...Well, it's only a Shinx I guess, one of the easiest Pokemon to chain, but I'm just really ecstatic because it's my first one, y'know? ^^; Sorry for being hyper.

    I haven't posted my result on the club yet since I haven't uploaded pics yet and I have schoolwork to do.

    Thanks! ^^
    o_O Whoa! That's awesome! Especially the Torterra - isn't that really hard to SR?? Going through the cutscene and all...

    I love Eevee too, though I like Umbreon just a little more. ;)
    Oh, okay, then, lol

    I have a plan. I have a Marowak and a Jumpluff. Jumpluff uses Sleep Powder, Marowak false Swipes, then GO POKEBALL!....all I need to do is find it.
    No problem. Hey, can you do me a favor? Can you go into the forrest and ask that Shiny Pidgey why he's afraid of me :p
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