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  • Congrats on both those new BQ members! Great job reclaiming that Rattata. I'm sure you're just as glad as I was to not have to hunt in the tower anymore :p Even though people seem to consider those to be more 'troll' shines (I don't think Pidgey deserves that status :\ ), I think they're both great looking shinies! Good luck continuing on with your BQ :)
    Yay! Glad you got Cyndaquil at last! I'm hoping you start getting quick shinies, because I'm a wee bit ahead of you. Though it shouldn't matter, as long as you get some nice shinies up next!

    Congrats, and good luck with the BQ.
    Yeah, if you're fine with that, so am I! So...I best keep going with my Route 3 hunt, or else I'll be behind before I know it. Good luck, hope it doesn't take long for you to rack in the shinies!
    If you're up for a BQ race, I suppose I could do so :p I notice you're doing a BQ on LeafGreen and SoulSilver too. I'm hunting my 5th shiny for my HG BQ, but I do only have one on my White BQ.

    So, I suppose I could race you by seeing if I can complete BOTH before you finish your...LeafGreen Badge Quest (seeing as you haven't yet got a shiny on it!). Considering my ridiculous luck, I would suppose I'm in with a chance of that happening! Or easier still, we could race between our SS and White BQs instead...but because of Doubles grass that would be a tad unfair on you.

    What do you think?
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