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  • I have no idea :( i have been banned a few times, but there always soooo light! like the last time i got banned was due to me saying "get up throh" in the anime discussion.

    Sucks so bad, i have been here for 3 years and you would think they would actually ban me for a legit reason
    Well thats my belief, you can chose to ignore it, or get offended by it. You sadly chose the wrong approach, nothing you can say will ever make me change my beliefs. I don't care if you are offended, I'm from a country where religion and identity is important so I hold onto mine deeply, much like the way you are quite clearly non-religious.
    In the Pokemon News thread, I noticed that you replied to Smart Sig Spam bot. Normally I can infraction, but I'm letting you off this time, partly as was on topic.
    I saw your post in the fic review thread, so would you be intrested in reading my fic? Team Rocket is very involved in it although it is a journey fic
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