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  • awesome, congrats on the genie =D

    and try putting [img ] and [/ img] before and after the url. without spaces though
    Yeah man, no problem. Figured I'd let you know, it makes it a helluvalot easier for you I'm sure. Good luck hunting.
    I hope you know that you can look in the Pokedex to see if Thundurus is shiny, you don't have to actually track him down each time.
    Hi there, welcome to the Shinny Hunters Club and the site. Also congratulations on your shinnies (Whimsicott is a big favorite of mine)
    About the nicknames, what do you think about "Fazuzu" or "Pazuzu" for Whimsicott (it´s a very old Assyrian demon entity wich was the bringer of stormy and dry winds, and was workshipped because it also protected the mother and baby during birth and could bring luck and keep away plagues) (I thought it fitted, since it even has the horns) :p
    no problem =]

    and nah. like the ingame name raters say, the names are an expression of...whatever the rest was x_x. good luck with sewaddle btw
    Thanks for the warm welcoming!

    Haha, I like TwinFlame! It sounds cool and mysterious lol. I think I will nickname my shiny Sewaddle "Sewit" im very bad at nicknames:p Still
    First, welcome to the site. that and the shiny hunter's club =D

    Nicknames...gotta love them haha. for Chandelure, how about Chandelier or TwinFlame. The first is just meh. The second...yeah. TwinFlame is a soul kinda thing and Litwick steals souls and is a fire type, sooooo
    Hey Serebii Roamers! I love Shinys and Pokemon Pokedolls! I would like to get to know a lot of people on this site!
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